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Or when you forget to watch your back

FAIR AND SQUARE: Working from home is a tragedy that destroys relationships and complicates work ethic

Anděla Vostrá
07.May 2020
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Práce z domova může mít výhody i nevýhody.

Those who didn't lose their jobs due to the coronavirus are now "enjoying" work from home. Unfortunately, it's not for everyone. Spanish news star Alfonso Merlos was one of the people who found this out pretty fast, while speaking to the viewers live from his home. But, as the devil would have it, he wasn't home alone. It probably wouldn't have occured to anyone at that moment that if they quietly walk a few meters behind the back of a person sitting at the computer, they'll be noticed, thereby causing a spectacular mess.

When I saw the video, I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Alfonso Merlos is preoccupied with talking about something that seems to be a Covid-related problem, his expression all important and focused, but unfortunately things are happening right behind him that he has no idea about.

There's a topless woman walking behind him. A beautiful brunette. Unfortunately, she is not his wife, but his lover, which, of course, doesn't escape the attention of his fans. And a disaster is born. Working from home can have its advantages, but one needs to know how to go about it. And this is how another couple fell victim to the coronavirus... So even though the video is extremely funny, it mainly entertained those who had no idea who was married to whom, Merlos himself probably doesn't feel like laughing right now.

Luxusní kancelář na pronájem v Pařížské ulici
Luxusní kancelář na pronájem v Pařížské ulici, Praha 1

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Tomuhle se říká faux pas.
Tomuhle se říká faux pas.Source: Estado de Alarma

Beware of the kids

It's definitely not the first time that a host of a giant foreign show made a faux-pas. Sometimes you can see that they're wearing a shirt on top, but otherwise they're sitting there in nothing but shorts. I mean, thank God for that, they could also be sitting there without underwear, there's no place like home, right? I also seem to recall how the video, where a female host talks and talks and talks and suddenly her child runs up to her and demands to sit on her lap, became viral. She calmly talks on, and actually puts the baby on her lap. That's some level of multitasking! Hats off to this proffessional!

Another commentator, on the contrary, couldn't handle it when his child appeared and began to panic, until his wife came running and pulled the screaming toddler away from the working father. Interestingly, viewers are always more interested in this than in what the host has to say. We all want to peek into the homes of our favorites, who bring us information every day, right? I certainly do.

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Děti nám práci z domova mohou komplikovat.
Děti nám práci z domova mohou komplikovat.Source: Pixabay

Parents who know it all

My friend, who is a teacher, is telling me much less cheerful stories from her home workplace. Not only is she dissatisfied with online teaching, but on top of that she has to endure the presence of her pupils' parents.

"It's insane I'm trying to pass some knowledge on their kid, whom they naturally consider a born genius, and the parents keep barging in, dressed in shorts and with a beer in their hand, spouting smart comments that are completely beside the point... It happens literally every day,"

my teacher friend complains. But the children seem to like her...

Another friend of mine, who lives across the big pond, works from home for a huge company. Every day, she spends almost all her time in virtual conferences. But one day, she encountered a serious problem...

"They've been going on about something that didn't concern me at all for ages, and I started to feel the need to go to the bathroom, number two. So I run away and exactly at the worst moment I hear someone shouting my name, what the Hell am I doing and why amd I not answering,"

she laughs on her side of the line, adding that working from home is hell on earth for her. Not only does she spend pretty much her entire day in her pajamas, but she also has to be constantly online, which is not usually the case, when you're not in the workplace. Either the boss sees you or he doesn't... and waits for you to come back from the bathroom.

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Kvůli koronaviru pracuje z domova ohromné množství lidí.
Kvůli koronaviru pracuje z domova ohromné množství lidí. Source: Pixabay

Personally, I didn't enjoy working from home at all, I grew lazy, I stopped putting on make-up, wearing underwear and washing my hair. Why bother, if you're not going anywhere and nobody can see you, right.

That's why I have huge respect for people who make their living by working from home at all times. I don't get how they're able to get up in the morning, get dressed, put on make-up and be functional. For me, it's a superhuman act. I've even learned to have a glass of wine for lunch... and then a bottle for dinner... If I were to stay at home for another month, I'll end up in rehab.

Everyone has probably found their pros and cons in this system, but in general, everyone around me is looking forward to returning to the offices. And what about you? Did you have embarass yourself during a virtual conference? And are you looking forward to returning to work?

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