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I'll do it - I'll pray for you

FAIR AND SQUARE: This web is the best! People will pray for you or wrap your gifts. For money...

Karolína Lišková
16.Dec 2019
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Do you also have those days when you don't feel like doing anything, but do you have to? From now on, you don't. I found a revolutionary website that changed my life - and it will change yours too. It's called Já udělám (I'll do it). And the people there will do anything for a few coins. Sure, your boss might notice that someone has turned up at work in your stead, but all the other stuff you're bored with can be delegated...

For example, there is a person who offers to pray for me every day. For fifty crowns! That's a steal. So I hope that the big guy above won't notice that I'm trying to bypass him like this, but imagine that you're a Muslim, for example, you need to pray five times a day and simply don't have the time. For fifty crowns, someone will do it for you, on your behalf, and you can check it off your list.

If you don't have friends, there are plenty to choose from here! For 75 crowns, you'll find someone to chat with on Facebook, for ten crowns someone will praise you every day, this Russian guy wants to be my friend while playing LoL, but he's asking CZK 400 for that.

Pronájem vily 10+3, 490m2, Praha
Pronájem vily 10+3, 490m2, Praha, Praha 5

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Modlení by za mě klidně mohl někdo udělat.
Modlení by za mě klidně mohl někdo udělat. Source: Pixabay

Christmas and gifts

Probably the busiest people there right now are those who offer to come up with a gift idea for my loved ones - for a hundred - and then even wrap the gift.

For five hundred, people will put together a puzzle for me, and should I really hit the rock bottem, somebody offers me to rid me of my problems with magic rituals specially designed for me. Two hundred? I'm in! But I have so many problems that I hope this dude won't raise the price.

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Kdo mi zabalí dárky?
Kdo mi zabalí dárky?Source: Pixabay

Useful service

But jokes aside (even though jokes are my domain), I must admit that the site also offers normal services from graphics and design, through online marketing and help with taxes to programming or translations.

However, what I wanted to say is: You don't have to be alone on everything and manage everything by yourself. In this day and age, it's really great that there are people who have more time than you and are willing to handle the things you have no time or desire to deal with for a few crowns. I mean, it's not necessary to give someone 50 crowns for explaining to me why it is good to shower with cold water, but I can imagine that I'll give someone a hundred and they'll plan for me a day in Belfast, for example.

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Dám cokoliv tomu, co mi udělá daně.
Dám cokoliv tomu, co mi udělá daně. Source: Pixabay

The important thing is not to collapse under the weight of our duties. We live only once and it's no shame to pay someone for something that may seem unnecessary to another person.

And how about you? What would you choose on this website?

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