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FAIR AND SQUARE: Wanna be happy, rich and healthy? Ask the universe!

Karolína Lišková
10.Aug 2020
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Když budeme pozitivní, budeme i šťastní.

Do you think I'm making fun you? Pulling your leg? Nope, I happen to be perfectly serious. Believe me, I haven't joined any cult, I'm a harcore realist that, every now and then - namely amidst life's twists and turns, when I'm stuck in the mud at the bottom of hell - tends to dream of heaven. I just sometimes have a tendency to believe the unbelievable. And that's happening right now! I simply have to share it with you. Together, we will become happy, rich and healthy beings. I'll tell you how.

Don't laugh at me, it really works, I believe it, otherwise I wouldn't be telling you, and most importantly, nothing good would come to me if I was faking it. I've recently overheard a conversation between a couple who met after years. He asked the beautiful young mother how life was treating her, what she had been doing, how came she'd had a baby, and he quickly answered:

Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m, Praha 10

"I used to live abroad, had a partner, but I wasn't happy there, so I returned home and I was beginning to feel that I wanted to settle down, so I wrote a letter to the universe, where I described in detail what my future husband should look like, what he should be doing, simply everything, and within seventeen days I met him. In less than a year, I got married and was expecting a baby."

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To, co vysíláme, se nám vrací.
To, co vysíláme, se nám vrací.Source: /Free-Photos

The universe has no address

Overjoyed, her companion applauded, saying that he had done the same and within a year, he married the man of his dreams and finally leads a happy life. I was totall amazed, so I inserted myself into the conversation with an apologetic expression and asked:

"Excuse me, what letters did you write, and where did you send them to?"

Naturally, they both gave me a sly smile, perhaps they were mocking me, I don't know, but in any case, they explained to me that they simply wished for something. And that the universe heard them and sent the loves of their lives right in front of their doors, and that this was how it worked with everything.

Yes, I know that when I smile at other people, they tend to be nicer and some of them even smile back. But you can't just scribble a fantasy on a piece of paper and expect it to come true, right?! I told my friend about it and she replied, all astonished: You don't know about it? That's how I found a better job! Another friend: I've been doing this for several years now, and thanks to positive thinking and sending my wishes to the universe, I have my dream house.

And I could go on like this forever. Looks like everyone but me knows this nifty little trick with the universe! But I have to say that none of them have won in the lottery yet, or if they have, I don't know about it, because it's not something people tend to boast with.

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Stačí myšlenka a přání se plní.
Stačí myšlenka a přání se plní. Source: /Free-Photos

The Secret

I was advised to read some literature in a genre I have always avoided - esoterics (!) and to watch the film The Secret from the year 2006 (!). It's more of a documentary where the author of the book, a psychologist, a psychotronics and I don't know who is talk about positive thinking. They keep describing how to think positively, how to get what you want... It looks really easy. So I'll give it a try. Not a single negative thought has passed through my brain during the last week, I smile at everyone, even at those who don't deserve it. And that's a hard job!

Naturally, I also wrote a letter to the universe. Apparently, a phone call is enough, some people write their wishes on a piece of paper and then burn them... That's not important, main thing is that you think hard about your wish and force it to come true. It works the same way with money, new work, traveling. But all in due time, you have to be patient. So I'm working hard on improving my thought processes now, trying not to be upset, it's all just small things anyway, and I believe the universe will hear my wishes down to the last detail. And I hope that one day, the universe will hear everyone's wishes, because then we'd all be satisfied and we'd stop shouting at each other in traffic jams, for example.

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