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If you preach water, don't drink wine! It doesn't pay off...

FAIR AND SQUARE: A soldier doesn't run from a battle or Deny, deny, deny

Anděla Vostrá
23.Oct 2020
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Roman Prymula.

This was seriously an exemplary Friday. Those who work in the media certainly know what I'm talking about... usually every journalist would already see themselves at home after lunch, but not today. The Minister of Health Roman Prymula saw into it that I'll remember the last working day of the week as the worst day of the year. But at the end of that day, in the comfort of my couch, I have to actually laugh. In fact, the whole situation is just embarrassingly ridiculous. In any case, even a small child today understood the saying: He preaches water, but drinks wine himself.

However, I must first of all praise my colleagues from the Blesk magazine. For a long time, they didn't come up with anything substantial, but thanks to today their sales have finally increased. And rightfully so. The paparazzi photographers did a great job. To catch one of the most influential people in the Czech Republic today, leaving the luxury restaurant before midnight, which is supposed to be closed according to his own order, and on top of it without a mask? He has probably broken all of his regulations in here! The nation is laying it onto him properly, of course they are. And rightfully so.

Go to work, get groceries and go home!

You know, it reminds me of a situation where my mother, when I was sixteen, found out I was smoking cigarettes. She was sitting across from me on the couch with a furious look on her face and a cigarette in her hand, telling me how bad the tobacco products were. Although she smokes all her life. I gawked at her like an idiot back then. Click and twenty years later I'm gawking at the Colonel Prymula in the same way. Together with the Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, they have been shoving it down our throats for several weeks now, to comply with the government measures, not to go anywhere, to keep social distance, to wear masks, to wash our hands and who knows what else. People go bankrupt, they lose money, work, and ultimately also their minds.

And this guy just does what he wants. He meets up with people in pubs, which he closed previously, without a mask, and at late hours. During the state of emergency! I can totally see the photographers shaking with happiness while pressing the shutters, and then the editor-in-chief the next morning or, in fact, on the same night when they see the result of those efforts. I'd like to be in their skin in that moment... it must've been pure joy, the joy of a small child.

Luxusní vila na prodej Praha Západ - 255m
Luxusní vila na prodej Praha Západ - 255m, Okolí Prahy

Deny, deny, deny

And then I tried to imagine Babiš, his expression, when he reads the newspaper in the morning. As he pales, as he swears, as he walks back and forth, tearing at the last remnants of his hair. Because if anything was missing to the proverbial coffin of his government, it was this last big nail. What did the meetings look like before they went public to defend this jail-worthy offense?

"Dammit, Roman, what have you done? What are we even going to tell people?" - Babiš

"Don't worry, Andrejko, we're going to figure something out as always, right?" - Prymula

And so Babiš, all tired by the covid, appeared in front of the journalists with the most troubled expression of the wounded dove, saying that he was sorry, but that he would have to dismiss Romča, in case Prymula didn't resign himself.

But he, intoxicated by power, is definitely not going to give up a good new home base just like that! He wouldn't be a good soldier, if he did. One never leaves the battlefield! It's been a while since we've heard so many lies in such a short time. Usually we hear them repeated over and over again in longer intervals.

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Premiér Andrej Babiš.
Premiér Andrej Babiš.Source:

Who will be next?

Prymula will thus go down in the history of the Ministry of Health, because his term was the shortest so far. One month and one day. But now the question arises, who will be next? Although Andrej already has some names in in mind and they have even talked about a director of the Brno hospital on TV, the nation is calling for a music star Adam Vojtěch! The poor boy was relieved that the hell on earth was over for him when he laid down his arms and now he has to get back? People are used to him, he already has a lot of experience with the coronavirus and Babiš, so why shouldn't he take that position back? I just have to laugh. In my opinion, Vojtěch quickly packed his bags and tools and ran off to somewhere across the border and turned off his phone. I'd do just that in his place.

In any case, this day was really beyond reproach. I'm curious what the boys will take a pictures of next time... I just hope it's going to be on Monday.

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