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... or How to enslave a kingdom without blue blood

FAIR AND SQUARE: Meghan did it! She got the prince, the mansion and ditched her duties

Karolína Lišková
11.Jan 2020
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I have to applaud! The Duchess of Sussex, formerly an ordinary actress, Meghan Markle, achieved something amazing. Something that deserves a standing ovation! Not only did she score a very handsome guy, even though it didn't look like it at the beginning, he's an actual prince! Though the entire royal family might hate her, she has Harry eating out of the palm of her hand. Because having the balls to defy the queen, even though Harry had always been labeled as the black sheep of the family, that's entirely. If Meghan sees this through, I'll consider her an icon, about which children should be learning at school.

Do černé se teď asi zahalí celá královská rodina.
Všimněte si, že Harry s Meghan a synem na stole v rámečku nejsou.
Možná Harryho naštvalo, že není na téhle fotce...

Since Thursday morning, the whole world seems to be going crazy over the information that the couple posted on their social network without previously consulting it with anyone. The big news is that they've decided to stop playing their roles in the royal family.

Elizabeth must have had a heart attack when the news reached her ears. The whole family is paralyzed, the public is scandalized, but Meghan... Well, Meghan is wringing her hands with a smile, pleased with the trick she's managed to pull.

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Kdo už na Halloweena kul pykle?
Kdo už na Halloweena kul pykle?Source: The Royal Family

Don't get me wrong, I'm not hellbent on writing crap about Meghan, not at all. I like her, she's beautiful and she rocked in the Suits series. But, let's look the truth in the eyes, she's never been all that famous. With fame comes wealth and duty. As a member of the royal family by marriage, she had to suck it up and deal way too often. For love. Loss of employment, freedom, identity. Like a trained monkey, she had to attend all kinds of state events, smile, remain silent, and generally be a kind and humble wife of the sixth heir to the throne. The boulevard never stopped dragging her through dirt for a minute, and it's not going to stop now. Although she'd known what she was getting into, there's no wonder why she decided to quit.

I can't imagine what tricks and moves she had to employ to convince the prince, but he obviously loves her to pieces, when he gave this sudden and unpremeditated decision the green light.

Wedding and a house worth millions

Neither of them knows what they'll be doing just yet, but they claim they want to work. Which is very nice, noble even. Until now, they've never had to earn a single penny. Meghan got the most beautiful wedding a girl could imagine, luxury living, the finest clothes and jewelry... all sponsored by British taxpayers. Moreover, they're not about to give up the luxury mansion. Apparently, they'll continue to "take care of it". Sweet baby Jesus, I'd take such great care of it myself!

Luxusní vila na pronájem Praha 6 - 940m
Luxusní vila na pronájem Praha 6 - 940m, Praha 6

The security forces are rolling their eyes, because the couple wants to live half the time in Canada, where no one will be watching over them like in Britain. The Queen won't let anything happen to Harry. So who will be paying the bodyguards? Well, it's definitely not going to be Meghan, who doesn't even know what she wants to do for a living. Moreover, he has a small child, which's bound to limit the options.

A smart gold digger

To sum it up, this girl achieved the impossible. Literally. Australia is on fire, Iran threatens America with war, planes are falling, but the whole world is talking about the married royal couple. Funny, isn't it?

I wouldn't believe it if it wasn't true. But Meghan is simply the smartest 'gold digger' (the term is a bit of a stretch, I know she had enough of her own money for a decent life) in human history.

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