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Not even Babiš knows when he can or must wear a mask

FAIR AND SQUARE: Masks! It's a mess and the nation is screaming

Anděla Vostrá
21.Aug 2020
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Dívka s rouškou a slunečními brýlemi

I'm at my wit's end. The government is seriously turning into Absurdistan now. At the start of the pandemic, wearing masks was mandatory everywhere and all the time, then the restrictions were slowly rolled back and now we don't wear them at all anymore since it's summer. Suddenly it's back... Nooot that I didn't expect it, but I find the specification of wearing them absurd. So our handsome Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch's appearances are rightfully enraging the Czech nation. Once again we have two camps.

It doesn't matter whether the Sparta vs. Slavia Derby is being played, whether it's election season or the date for wearing muzzles in public is drawing near. You can never please everybody. You'll always have somebody who's complain that they'd figure it out and do it better and that those clowns are idiots and so on...

Personally I'm confused. Not angry, because I have nothing against masks in public and I must stress air-conditioned spaces, but this is really messing with my head. Whether every respectable site makes a chart where to wear and not wear a mask and where to only wear it halfway, I feel like there are way too many exceptions and restrictions that don't work together.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 176m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 176m, Praha 9

Enter with a mask, eat without it

On Monday the rule was still not having to wear them in restaurants, but since Wednesday we already have to have them, but we can take them off for the duration of consumption. And the wait staff is supposed to be the watchdogs. I can already see it, they barely have time to pee during lunch rush and they'll keep track of who's done sipping their soup and should put their mask right back on. So thank god on Thursday they released a statement that we don't have to wear masks in schools and restaurants... I'm curious how long this statement will last.

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Premiér Andrej Babiš za stolem
Premiér Andrej Babiš za stolemSource:

Even Babiš can't deal

The biggest joke for me is the fact that not even the prime minister Andrej Babiš himself doesn't understand the Health Ministry's restrictions, and likely wants to smack Vojtěch again for suuuuch a long list of exceptions. If even the prime minister doesn't understand it, how should a poor granny somewhere in Moravia who doesn't even have a TV, let alone internet, make sense of it?

Fortunately the tropical weather will be over this weekend, and as soon as we put the muzzles back on in September, at least we won't be too warm. I may have noticed that challenges to ignore the mandate are making their rounds on social media, but in the end, most will cave and wear masks. There's nothing worse than getting pointed at for not following the rules.

Because it happened to me before that I was at the store and I didn't have a mask, back when they were still mandatory. I'd simply forgotten to put it on. The looks?! The disgust in the eyes of other citizens shopping in an orderly fashion was downright painful! In the end a random lady sternly told me to put it on. So as a well-behaved lass I put it on and apologized.

So, my friends, don't hang your heads or yourselves, it can get worse. Because it already used to be great, as my grandma used to say. Just tell me in the comments what you personally think about wearing masks.

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