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...or let's celebrate the days when we didn't have phones

FAIR AND SQUARE: Lies and infidelity? A common thing of the 21st century

Karolína Lišková
11.Mar 2020
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Láska je velmi křehká věc.

I'd like to reflect on the topic of "lying and cheating" today. I'm overwhelmed by it because it's all around me and it makes me really sad. It's just too easy to lie and cheat nowadays. Too easy to find someone only for intimate moments. Mobile phones, internet, dating apps, social networks... Thanks to all of those, we have tremendous possibilities at our fingertips. A combination of options. And those can easily hurt a completely innocent pure soul, who still believe that when you love, you only love the one special person...

Když je člověk zamilovaný...
Technologie nám dávají obrovskou svobodu.
Co dělat, když vás někdo zradí?

A friend of mine had a cool boyfriend. They looked like an advertisement for happiness and perfect relationship. All the other women who had to deal with this or that issue regarding their own boyfriend every now and then envied her. And lo and behold, it turned out that this perfect boyfried was living two parallel lives. One with my friend and one with another girl, who was just as clueless, looking forward to the wonderful future with her love that had been promised to her.

When such a thing comes to light, it's very painful. Incredibly painful. The brain is totally paralyzed and the body stops cooperating. At that moment, your entire world is in shreds. Hopes, dreams. Everything is black. We've probably all experienced a similar situation. And so I made a survey. The result is astounding, but not in the good sense of the word.

Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ
Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ, Okolí Prahy

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Lež může způsobit velké škody ...
Lež může způsobit velké škody ...Source: Pixabay

Relationship with a gay man

Another of my friends was also madly in love. She had a boyfreind in Brno and kept visiting him for a good year. They were planning a future together. Until she found out he was unfaithful. And he wasn't cheating on her with another woman, but with a man. I'd say that's a pretty low blow too.

And I could go on like this. Every woman as an experience with infidelity. Either her partner was cheating on her, or she had a little slip up herself. It's more or less normal today. And I think that's wrong.

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Každý touží po pocitu být milován.
Každý touží po pocitu být milován.Source: Pixabay

Phones are to blame

You know, I'm not saying technologies are the embodiment of evil. Thanks to them, we can achieve unimaginable things - save lives, travel to the Moon, study animals... but a lot of us use technology to do evil things - to lie, to hide the truth, to stalk others. Sometimes we laugh at the generation of our parents or grandparents, but you know what? Maybe they sometimes got lost in a villages because they only had a map, not a GPS navigation, but they talked to each other. They solved their problems.

When they had a problem at home, they either solved it right away or split up. There was nothing like maybe, we'll see what he'll write, if he'll write, or perhaps he'll write to another girl... Nothing of that sort. It was either or.

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V době bez internetu byly vztahy jednodušší.
V době bez internetu byly vztahy jednodušší. Source: Pixabay

Today, the Internet gives us enormous freedom, which not everyone can use in a positive sense. It is much easier to hurt someone nowadays. Just one message and all the love and happiness are gone.

I apologize to everyone who finds my black thoughts unsettling. I just wanted to say one thing: let's love each other, say things straight, stop lying and hiding things. Truth always finds a way out, anyway. If you have someone you really love at home, tell them, and give them a hug. Because you're awfully lucky. None of us wants to die alone, so if you've managed to find your other half, I applaud you and wish you only happy moments...

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