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She inspires both fear and admiration

FAIR AND SQUARE: The Immortal Aunt Bohdalová

Karolína Lišková
28.Nov 2019
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I don't know, you guys, but can you imagine what you'll be doing when you're 88? In what physical and mental state you'll be? Personally, I have a pretty clear idea, and it's not nice. I'm definitely not going to be jumping over puddles like a graceful fawn. That's why I'm in constant awe of our leading actress, the darling of the nation, Jiřina Bohdalová. Seriously, the "crone" is pushing ninety and she's able to portray a football player in a way that overshadows everyone else, even much younger seniors?

I think this woman must have signed a contract. A contract with the devil, granting her that she would stop aging. Or that she would age, but at a much slower rate than everyone else. The fact that the actress is still able to perform on stage and walk without a cane or other aids isn't the only proof. She is also able to withstand, both physically and mentally, the funeral of a close friend - I'm talking about Karel Gott here - while her memory shows not even the tiniest gap. The whole nation saw her speach, and no eye remained dry.

Old people don't have to be a liability

She is living proof that old age doesn't necessarily have to suck. Bohdalová's gift is something that every senior can envy her. Hell, I envy her, and I'm several generations younger.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2, Praha 5

By the way - have you already seen the video? The video that Petr Salava had made for the 45th birthday of the Amfora Football Club, which has about 700 matches under its belt? There, celebrities are standing in two rows, with Jiřina Bohdalová being by far the oldest. But you can find her right in the middle. And she joins the others in the iconic haka dance, which is typically performed at the start of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby games.

"Bohdalka" stands there with the expression of a killer plastered on her face, painted in wild colors, sticking out her tongue in determination. She exudes strength and resolve. When you listen to the team's battle cry, you can distinguish her voice. It rings like a bell. A real actress and warrior indeed! Once again, I take my imaginary hat off to her.

The art of enjoying life

And I ask, how is that possible? Is it because she spent all her life running around on stage or in front of the camera? Because she's been partying her life away in theater clubs, laughing her head off? She's definitely not an icon of a healthy lifestyle, you know. I don't remember her ever eating anything healthy, or taking a break from drinking and smoking.

Yes, the media have recently reported that she was hospitalized for a while because of intestinal problems. Sorry - intestinal problems? I could be hospitalized every month with those, because I eat like a pig, which often ends in a tummy ache.

Anyway, I wanted to say that we have a lot to learn from Bohdalová. She's really living her best life. I wish her much health and vitality in the years to come, so that she could keep surprising us. I wish this to all seniors, because I kind of think there's often nothing nice about old age.

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