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Can a home video ruin reputation, or is it targeted PR?

FAIR AND SQUARE: How Andrea Verešová and Vémola improved our entry into the new year

Anděla Vostrá
07.Jan 2021
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Andrea Verešová v posteli s růžemi.

The new year started a few days ago, but I still live on the events of the last few days of the previous one. Apparently, instead of a New Year card, the majority of people in this country received an erotic home video of the Slovak diva Andrea Verešová and her husband Daniel Volopich on their phones. And on New Year's Eve, it was the masturbating MMA fighter Karlos Vémola, who coincidentally won the middleweight title the night before. Perhaps it was just a little celebration... In any case, there are two questions. Where did the videos come from, and what does it mean to send erotic home videos to the world?

On Christmas Eve, when I received a video from a friend, in which Andrea is passionately humping her husband, I was struck dumb staring at the screen. Well, imagine this, you are lying on the couch at your parents', crumbs covering your mouth, watching some fairy tale peacefully, waiting for Santa Claus to arrive, and suddenly boom! Thank goodness my phone's permanently on mute! My parent would surely have been surprised otherwise.

Hot sex with your husband is a miracle

At first, I was disgusted by what my friend had sent me, but I admit that when I examined the video in more detail later at my place, I didn't really think it was so bad. Andrea looks great in it, both she and her husband have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to their bodies, and on top of that - to have such hot sex even after so many years of marriage and having two children? This is every couple's dream! When the second video appeared the next day, in which Andy is performing a luxurious striptease, I was already green with envy.

It must have been quite a party. In the second video, it is clear that the beauty is not alone with Daniel, there are more people for sure. Whatever, who's never thrown a private party that has turned into a real spectacle...? (I definitely haven't, I'm that old-fashioned and shy, but the little me can't be taken into consideration on a general scale).

Just a few drinks and you can't recognize yourself, right? I bet Verešová must have had great Christmas once she found out that the whole nation now knows her naked and unbound, and what's more, she did not receive a single crown for this. Porn is mostly made for money.

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Andrea Verešová s rodinou u vánočního stromku.
Andrea Verešová s rodinou u vánočního stromku. Source: archiv Andrey Verešové

Prodej luxusní vily se zahradou, Praha 5 - 466
Prodej luxusní vily se zahradou, Praha 5 - 466, Praha 5

Who’s to blame, I wonder

Nevertheless, I ask... firstly, why does someone film such things? Especially nowadays, when even a small child is able to hack, let's say, a hospital. And secondly, who's released these videos into the world for ordinary people to see and have a pleasant post-Christmas period?

Andrea insists that the video is fake, of course, and offers a reward to whoever traces the originator, the creator of the video. Yet, everyone who saw the video knows better, right? Poor Verešová is indeed so reckless that she deleted an old video from Instagram, in which she once got ready for some social event in the same hotel room. How could you possibly draw more attention to yourself? An acquaintance of mine (mine and the Volopichs) even told me that they'd sworn to them that it certainly wasn't them. It made me laugh. Everyone would have sworn an oath in such a situation. It's just so intimate that you naturally don't want the whole of the Czech Republic and Slovakia to see it. Even though there's nothing to be ashamed of, as I wrote above.

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Andrea Verešová v plavkách.
Andrea Verešová v plavkách. Source: archiv Andrey Verešové

You don’t want to see your parents having sex

I believe that Danny simply sent the video to his friends either to show off or with the words: Look what a party you've missed. That's my opinion. I doubt that someone would hack their iCloud in particular. I don't think it's fake either. All the same, what's sad about it is their children, who are big enough to not only read the burning headlines but also to look up what their parents are up to when they themselves go to bed. And if there's something you don't want to see, it's your own parents having sex. You don't want to even hear it. To this day, I am convinced that my parents do not have sex!

To sum it all up, it's great PR and promo for Andrea. Remember, there is no such thing as bad publicity. If there was no corona and social events were taking place, she would be invited to all of them. I guarantee you that! Regarding that fact, this move was rather ill-timed, the couple should fine-tune such things with their PR specialist. Because in the end, they could have profited from this "mistake"...

Vémola couldn't be put to shame

Well, I won't lie to you, when I received Vémola's video I almost fainted. This colossus has got nothing to be ashamed of either because just as his muscles, his equipment is quite generous. It is pretty obvious that this leak wasn't planned. He just wanted to pick up a girl, sent it to her, and she then sent it to all her friends. After all, if you give these poor men on Tinder your number, they will send you photos of their private parts immediately, without prompting. As if naked guys were sexy...

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Karlos Vémola.
Karlos Vémola. Source: archiv Karlose Vémoly

I haven't received anything in over a week

Either way, after receiving the fighter's video I wrote to my friend, asking whether it's going to be like a new trend or something, that celebrities will start posting their erotic home videos instead of product photos, because it seems like a clever move. Now women will become interested in martial arts and men in fashion. It's basically a win-win.

I haven't received anything new in over a week, though so I'm waiting impatiently. Rumour has it that there are more cheeky shots of Andrea, so if God wills it, we can look forward to seeing some erotica in addition to vaccination and perhaps an early loosening of government measures. In these trying times, such a distraction is priceless!

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