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Professions that should see rapid salary increases

FAIR AND SQUARE: Heroes of the coronavirus age! Until recently, nobody cared about them...

Karolína Lišková
27.Mar 2020
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I never quite understood how it's possible that a doctor who saves lives or a nurse who lovingly wipes the butts of the sick has such a meagre salary, at least here in the Czech Republic, while some brainless kicker can take a swim in his money. I've always found it unfair. Most athletes can't even put together a gramatically correct sentence, while doctors have to study for like a hundred years, so that they could spend their lives treating strangers. Let's hope the tables have finally turned...

The coronavirus showed us, who this country (or any other country at that matter) cannot function without. Of course, when our boys returned from Nagano, the whole world applauded them and all of us were patting ourselves on the shoulders, because the Czechs were simply the best. But that was a long time ago. Who else has since received spontaneous evening applause from the balconies? Doctors, nurses, firemen, policemen. These are the real heroes right now, these are the people who put their lives on stake to save ours.

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Doctors are now absolutely indispensable.
Doctors are now absolutely indispensable.Source: Pixabay

Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4


We finally see it. Finally, we realize that we can't even break wind without these people. Now we might think twice before backtalking the doctor who told us we should exercise more and eat less. Only now do we realize that they mean well.

We won't look down on the shop assistant at Lidl anymore, thinking she had low grades at school, so she's doing an inferior job. Nope. It is thanks to this lady that we have something to eat during the quarantine, because she is brave enough to stand behind the cash register, and although we can spit something on her, she hands us our groceries with a smile.

We might even stop being angry at the lorry drivers who annoy us when driving down the highway. They too are important, because they deliver groceries to the shops, so that the shop assistants could sell them to us.

When was the last time you were this happy to see a courier bringing you a takeaway meal, groceries or a sewing machine? You don't wanna go to the shop yourself and meet all those potentially infected people... but they have to. They have to pick it up and bring it to your door, they take the risk. Every day.

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Shop assistant stands in the front line. They are in daily contact with infected people who do not even know about themselves.
Shop assistant stands in the front line. They are in daily contact with infected people who do not even know about themselves.Source: Pixabay

Teaching online is much worse than in the classroom

Teachers are a chapter of its own. They, too, have very low wages. And they also have to study quite a long time only to stand in front of a bunch of misbehaved (in most cases) kids who think school is a form of punishment. Just like healthcare workers, they treat their job as a mission. Otherwise they would have to quit. And now everyone seems to think that teachers have holidays, refusing to see that teaching online is much more demanding than face to face with the class.

Moreover, parents have to get involved more than ever before, which nobody was prepared for.

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Teachers are responsible for educating our children.
Teachers are responsible for educating our children.Source: Pixabay

Higher salaries

I'm not a politician and I don't envy them their posts. I understand that every resort is trying to rake in as much money as possible for its own use. Whether for salary increases or modernization or anything else. I just hope that after this unpleasant experience, all the above-mentioned civil servants (except for politicians, they have enough) get a pay rise.

They all deserve much more money, much more of our respect. Personally, I bow to them and thank them from the bottom of my heart for being there. But unfortunately, my financial situation doesn't allow me to give each of them a box of Merci chocolates, sorry! :-)

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Firefighters are now less confronted with fire, the more they help people who need them.
Firefighters are now less confronted with fire, the more they help people who need them.Source: Pixabay

The pandemic has a positive side

I'm not saying it's a good thing that the whole world was hit by the coronavirus. It is, of course, frightening, and it has turned everyone's life upside down. Literally. We've never experienced anything like this. Fear, government measures, isolation.

But then you discover quotes on the social networks that really make you think. Profoundly. Isn't this actually our reward?

Humankind got exactly the disease it needed:

We ceased to value health, and so we got a disease that makes us realize that it is the most precious thing.

We ceased to appreciate nature, and so we got a disease that makes walking in it rare for us.

We ceased to be able to function as a family, and so this disease locked us in our homes in order for us to learn to function as a family again.

We ceased to appreciate the elderly and the sick, and so we got a disease that reminds us of their vulnerability.

We ceased to appreciate healthcare workers and pharmacists, and so we got a disease that made us find out how indispensable they are.

We ceased to pay respect to teachers, and so the disease closed our schools so that parents could try it themselves.

We thought we could buy everything, go anywhere and with whomever we like, and so we got a disease that teaches us not to take all that for granted.

We were spending our free time in shopping malls, and so the disease shut them down for us to understand that we can't buy happiness.

We focused a lot of attention on our appearance and compared ourselves to others, and so the disease covered our faces for us to realize that our beauty lies elsewhere.

We thought we were the masters of this earth, and so we got this disease that showed us that something too tiny to see with human eyes can bring us to our knees and teach us humility.

This disease takes a lot from us, but it also gives us the opportunity to learn so much and understand what really matters in life.

We got a tailor-made disease. I guess we, as humanity, really needed it.

Good luck to all of you, I hope you'll all make it through in good health.

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