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FAIR AND SQUARE: The Hermès shopping discrimination. You cannot live in a bag!

Anděla Vostrá
05.Nov 2020
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Paris Hilton s Birkinkou

So this is really something to think about. My colleague wrote a beautiful article about handbags, the so-called Birkin. I read there that it is not so easy to get one. That much knew from Sex and the City. But I never stopped to think about it, because this situation does not concern me, since I do not have that much money for a purse, I would rather finish the reconstruction of the house... In any case, the information in the article irritated me a lot. I thought that money could buy anything except health today. What a mistake...

Fialová kabelka Hermès Birkin
Kabelka Hermes Birkin

It seems to me as a little bit of discrimination. People say that only darker skin causes discrimination, well, at least according to dark skin folk. But imagine the despair, be it for dark or fair-skinned women. She earns or gets, it probably doesn't matter, the money for her dream bag and she doesn't get one?! That would kill me. I can just see myself walking enthusiastically to the shop with the briefcase full of money, and I'm looking forward to ordering this beautiful masterpiece, even with the thought of having to wait a while. And I end up with nothing just because the store assistant is either having a bad day and doesn't want to help me, or I'm just unlucky because I'm not a member of the Hermès club. What does it actually mean to be a member of the club? How many things do I need to own to be eligible to apply for a luxury bag?

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Peníze jsou u Hermés až druhotný předmět.
Peníze jsou u Hermés až druhotný předmět. Source:

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice, Praha 10

A bag as an investment

So I went to do a little research and found a lot of interesting things. Little did I know that a handbag could count as an investment. It's not real estate or diamonds. It's a bag. But these department stores are really smart.

The sales value is increasing from year to year, because even the original prices of luxury handbags show a steady rise. Some fashion houses even increase the original price twice a year.

Birkin from Hermès cost around 2500 EUR in 1984. Today, this value has almost tripled! It's like apartments, except you can't live in your purse...

Artificial scarcity

Another reason is the strategy of artificial scarcity, which is used mainly by experts from Hermès. The bags are only available on request and with a long waiting time, which can last up to several years. The scarcity therefore increases demand. The rarer the product, the greater the demand, and the more people are willing to pay more for it. How cunning yet simple! I would just like to know how many customers died while waiting... Well - let's move on. That would be a bit of a morbid story.

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Victoria Beckham s kabelkou Hermès Birkin
Victoria Beckham s kabelkou Hermès BirkinSource:

Beauty hurts

Already our grandmothers used to say that you have to suffer for beauty. We women do a lot of weird things to please others, read as men. Usually we completely forget about the most important thing and that is to like ourselves, most of all. I heard a story of a young lady who was not too beautiful by nature, so she tried to make up for that lack of beauty by shopping and collecting beautiful things. Unfortunately, this led her into debt and bankruptcy, of course. These things are worth a lot, we've established that above. Well, the poor girl basically went crazy from it all and ended up in institutional care, completely desperate and mad. Here, then, unfortunately, the saying beauty hurts gains a completely different dimension.

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