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...aka gender inequality rules the world

FAIR AND SQUARE: The end of urinals and pads for women, and genderless Barbie dolls! Choose your gender - it's normal!

Anděla Vostrá
29.Oct 2019
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Kdo je kdo?

I have to admit that I myself am a woman through and through. Literally. I have tits, ass, long hair... You can't mistake me for a man even in a drunken stupor. But sometimes I do feel like a man. I change my light bulbs myself, I sharpen knives, I swear like a sailor while doing it. And so I ask myself - should I have been born as a man? Would my life be easier if I were a man? Who cares, it doesn't actually matter. I can be whatever I want in this day and age. Gender differences are slowly disappearing. However, is that good?

 Gender, big topic, big discussion.
 Man or woman? It's the way you feel.
 Are we equal in everything?

The developed Nordic country that is Sweden is getting rid of urinals and building a gender-neutral sports stadium. That means that sports enthusiasts will share dressing rooms, showers and toilets. And here I ask myself: Like, seriously? I'm not that shy, that's not the point, I wouldn't mind changing next to dudes, but I don't want to watch them wash their genitals or smell them pooping when I'm be fabulously peeing like a princess in the next stall, because girls don't poop or fart, everybody knows that, right? God - NO! Don't wanna.

On top of all that, they're organizing the first joined golf tournament over there in Sweden. Like men and women competing together. I think that with golf it doesn't really matter, but if it ends up being like this with other sports too, like wrestling? Then we really have something to look forward to, girls will have no chance of holding up and won't ever win a medal. Because nature did endow those hairy creatures that can't do two things at once with greater strength and different body proportions, among other things.

Luxusní kancelář na pronájem v Pařížské ulici
Luxusní kancelář na pronájem v Pařížské ulici, Praha 1

Unpredictable DNA

I'm very tolerant towards gays and lesbians. I understand that sexual attraction is a given thing. Some people like boys, some people like girls, some like men or women of larger proportions. It doesn't matter. It's something one cannot influence, it's simply written in our DNA.

But being able to decide whether I'm a man or a woman when I'm actually one or the other, however I like? And the government then uses taxpayers' money to destroy urinals? Oh hell no! Once you're a man, be a man, pee in a urinal and leave the women's bowls alone! Because when a man pees on one, he never wipes it off. Never! Ew!

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 DNA does not affect a person.
DNA does not affect a person.Source: Pixabay

Insane parents

And then there are parents who deserve having their kids taken away. The Barbie manufacturer Mattel has responded to gender-insane parents and created a new line of dolls that are gender neutral Barbies. They don't have breasts, but they do have wigs and clothes ranging from dresses to men's pants, so the child can make it into a boy or a girl. Good lord! Children can't even decide whether they want to sleep or eat, let alone understand that something like gender exists.

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 Barbie without sex rules retail chains.
Barbie without sex rules retail chains.Source: Pixabay

The advantages of erasing gender differences

The only good thing that could come out of doing away with gender would be money. It is well known that in the Czech Republic it is painfully prominent that men earn more money for the same job. Except modeling that is. When these archaic notions are getting erased, thank god, that a woman has to cook, clean and take care of the kids, this could already pass too, don't you think?

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 Traditional roles are slowly disappearing ...
Traditional roles are slowly disappearing ...Source: Pixabay

Please, guys, make sure to let me know when you start breastfeeding and menstruating, okay? I guess it's going to be soon, though, considering they already banned the use of the female gender symbol on some pads.

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