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How easy it is to become a victim of a predator

FAIR AND SQUARE: Documentary film Caught in the Net: 2.5 thousand of dicks in ten days! Talk to your children!

Anděla Vostrá
27.Feb 2020
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I was never able to understand why men keep sending me unsolicited photos of their junk. Aside from the fact that it's quite an unsightly picture, it is a very intimate matter. Nowadays, many people have absolutely no inhibitions. Usually, I deal with dickpics pretty well, more often than not, they make me want to laugh. But when I imagine being twelve, having no idea what to do with myself and my own vagina, and getting such an image? I'd throw myself off the bridge. That's why I recommend this feature film. To everyone.

I knew it was going to be good, despite the disgusting taboo theme. Vít Klusák and Barbora Chalupová did an excellent job both as screenwriters and directors of the documentary film.

But I'd really like to tip my hat to the three adult actresses who indeed look like children; they deserve great respect. To barely even get a "hello" from a guy on skype before he pulls it out and starts jerking off in front of you? It's humiliating. Even for an adult woman.

Luxusní byt 4+kk na prodej, Praha 7 – 296m
Luxusní byt 4+kk na prodej, Praha 7 – 296m, Praha 7

More than 2,000 penises in ten days

Honestly, even though the faces and penises were pixelated, everything looked very real. I think I saw more cocks that evening than in my entire life. And I can't even begin to imagine how many of them the crew had to see during the 10 days of filming. There were contacted by 2,458 predators. That's what the filmmakers call them. I call them by many names - perverts, pigs, monsters, superfluous people.

Do you have children? Imagine your 12-year-old daughter being harassed on the internet by a man as old as her grandfather, that is of your father's age. That really gets one's fur up. When I saw the morbidly fat, hairy 40-something guy undress in front of the camera without the slightest hesitation, slapping his flabby stomach, I nearly puked. And that's just because I am a woman who has an appreciation for aesthetic things. The idea of watching this at the age of twelve? I have zero idea what I would have done...

What is going on in the heads of inexperienced souls

Yes, first of all you shouldn't talk to strangers at all. You shouldn't answer their calls. Every normal person wonders why, for God's sake, the girls even do it. How is it possible that they agree to take a half-nude selfie and send it to a random guy. They shouldn't be surprised when, as a result, someone blackmails them and uploads their photos on the net. The authors of the documentary film cooperated with experts in this field. They can explain to you what's going on in the heads of these inexperienced souls. It's sad, but remember your own puberty... You too wished to be admired by an adult. You wanted to talk to someone, because no one else could get you...

In any case, the ton of exposed members pales in comparison with meeting those men face to face. Yes, you'll get to see that in the film, too. It even includes the team's confrontation with one of them... a person who works with children. A person who organizes children's camps and events for minors... And his reaction! It's pathetic.

I wonder what kind of men are these? Young, older, middle-aged, some handsome, others ugly. The spectrum is broad. But how sick in their heads do they have to be that their behavior doesn't strike them as odd?! I still don't get it. I know there are evil and good people in the world. But this level of perversion... It's right next to cruelty to animals, the elderly, or the handicapped. No, my rational and most likely normal brain will never understand. I'll leave it to others...

Talk to your children

And don't think for a minute that this kind of abuse only happens to girls. It's just that the script was aiming at them.

There's one speck of hope about the whole film, which even made the actress cry for real. Not everyone is a disgusting pervert. There was one young guy who really just wanted to chat. In the end, he showed his face and even attended the first screening of the film. I applaud him.

And, once again, I applaud the actresses and the whole team. And I repeat: go see it. Talk to your children. Take them with you - there is a soft version of the film for younger children.

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