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We don't need a New Year's Eve to make a change or...?

FAIR AND SQURE: Are New Year's resolutions an utopia or hope for a better tomorrow?

Anděla Vostrá
31.Dec 2020
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I ask myself the same thing every year. But this year is different. For many, it was truly groundbreaking. Many people have lost their loved ones, their health, their work, the last bits of common sense, and in fact it seems that it can't get any worse. That's why I think that, this year, we should make that resolution. All of us. And really try to make it happen, because we need something to look forward to next year!

Lose weight, eat healthy, quit smoking...

According to surveys, most respondents are mainly determined to lose weight, eat healthy, drink less alcohol, quit smoking or make no resolutions. It usually lasts a month or two, as attested by the owners of fitness centers, who call the the New Year's influx of clients "the resolutioners". None of those new faces will be back in February...

However, the year 2021 will be fundamentally different from the other years. People are broken, angry and mentally drained from 2020. The government changes their regulations every week, self-employed people don't know if they can even open their businesses, and in case they can't, where to get money for loans and their livelihoods. Everyone is just trying to survive. It's difficult to make a resolution like - I want to lose weight, I will exercise more...

It's actually quite possible that there will be nowhere to go to exercise and swim or where to have a nice meal. Even after midnight on January 1st, everything will be closed and movement outside will remain restricted after 9PM. People still won't be able to meet in larger groups. We will still be isolated. So what resolution to make this year?

Let's make a wish together

I personally suggest that all of us together don't make classic resolutions this year, that we just make a wish. To wish for a better year. To wish for us to finally get rid of the horrible virus that's destroying our lives. To keep us and our loved ones healthy. Let's wish that we could finally not only see each other, but also hug, kiss, not be afraid to give our grandmother, whom we couldn't see due to the fear of infection, a proper smack on the cheek.

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Žena s velkými kalhotami.
Žena s velkými kalhotami. Source:

Last year, the traditional wish to stay healthy still sounded like a "stupid" cliché. It took 2020 to show us that it's not an empty wish. Health is the most important thing we have. What's the point of being two sizes smaller (yes, that was my resolution last year), when I'm not allowed to go anywhere to buy clothes, and if I happen to pick the right size in an online store, then there is nowhere to wear those clothes?!

Wishes have a different essence than resolutions. When I wish for something really hard, sooner or later it simply comes true. Me and a lot of my friends can confirm it's true. And if all of us make a wish, it just has to turn into reality!

Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

For a better tomorrow

This year's Christmas and New Year's Eve are not what they used to be. No Christmas markets, no Christmas parties, Christmas Eve dinners just in the circle of our closest ones and best if it's online. And I'm not even talking about the New Year's Eve. The fireworks weren't happening last year already, but this year on top of it we have a curfew after 9PM, all pubs and bars closed, a ban on crowd gatherings... the times are dreary.

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Modlící se žena.
Modlící se žena. Source:

That's why we need to realize we wish next year to be better. Even with the extra pounds. Let's stop lamenting about the politicians and the virus. Let's take a breath and wish each other love and strength to defeat the invisible enemy so that we can return to our beautiful lives full of joy, laughter, friends and traveling as soon as possible...

It's all up to us. I, myself, wish you not only good health, but above all strong nerves, so that we can all make it. Because every extra week with the coronavirus seems like an eternity, so that's why we must not lose our footing, and most of all our sense of humor. Happy New Year!

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