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Will the concert at the O2 Arena happen?

FAIR AND SQUARE: Adam Vojtěch and his comeback or You don't have to sing well, good PR is enough

Anděla Vostrá
17.Oct 2020
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Adam Vojtěch na lavičce

I'm going to lose it, I'm telling you. For some reason, I recently turned on the TV, specifically the Jan Kraus Show, where the former Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch accepted the invitation to appear. And wouldn't you know what happened? He sang there! At the very end of the show, he seriously whipped out of his tragic songs. So what are we going to be looking forward to? A concert, that's right. Where? Well, at the O2 Arena.

Ticketstream will organize a concert for Vojtěch to commemorate his resignation, when the Czech Ken didn't really get to make anything of himself in SuperStar... But no one expected that the young politician would really go along with it! Not only did he resign from the position, but he even admits that he would not resist a musical performance!!!

You don't have to know how to sing, good PR is enough

When he came to Kraus, he looked like a completely different person - happy, rested and full of humor. A different Vojtěch than the one we've seen on TV for the last few months. Kraus insisted he sing. I laughed at the TV, thinking that maybe the long-haired boy wouldn't do it. And he did it! He sang. Terrible English, terrible lyrics, terrible everything. The boy really can't sing much. BUT... that's how we're getting to the thing that you really don't have to know how to sing these days. Good PR is enough. Can Leoš Mareš sing? Definitely not. And he sold out the O2 Arena several times.

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Adam Vojtěch v Show Jana Krause
Adam Vojtěch v Show Jana KrauseSource:

When we look, mouths agape, at the singing politician on TV with friends and a glass of wine in our hand, his voice making our ears bleed and causing second-hand embarrassment in all of us, it occurred to me, why wouldn't he sell out the O2 Arena? He is one of the most famous and googled politicians today. I would actually go to the concert for the joke, too.

Sold out!

The owner of Ticketstream has already sold 730 tickets worth 7490 crowns. That's a little over ten crowns for a ticket, I'll take the whole family. And imagine, when I wanted to buy tickets for the next Adam Vojtěch Comeback 2020 concert the next day, what were they? Currently unavailable! They say that all the seats allocated are either sold or reserved, that I should try again later. So like, seriously? Well, perhaps they will offer an encore in the form of other concerts.

Flexi tickets are said to be valid until 31.12.2021 and are valid for a maximum of 10 time changes, 10 changes of venue and 10 times they can change owners and, compared to other Christmas gifts, they are said to bring 10 times more joy. If the concert never happens (for any possible reasons), the money will not be refunded, but will be used for a good cause. I'll shoot myself.

Biggest leap of the year

Anyway, I commend him. Not only does he have the balls to sing on television without preparation, but the balls to make fun of himself like that, because he must know, I believe he knows that he can't sing at all! I hope that they'll give him an award, something like Biggest leap of the year. Who has it... The former Minister of Health, who is also an artist? Like when it comes to artists in politics, we have enough of those, but they are more the kind to improvise, rather than have real skill.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice, Praha 10

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