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The blind fortune-teller predicted the fall of mankind more than twenty years ago

FAIR AND SQUARE about the coronavirus: Baba Vanga knew it! ...and foretold the death of two powerful men

Karolína Lišková
02.Oct 2020
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Budeme žít, nebudeme žít..?

When journalists have nothing to write about at the end of the year, they always summon some fortune-telling Baba Yaga, who promises the whole nation success, love, or money in the coming year. Most of them are charlatans, but who cares, it's an easy read. But then there are those who have become famous worldwide for their "vision" because they either predicted some crazy stuff, or their prophecies actually panned out. Or both. Like Baba Vanga. Although she died back in 1996, she'd managed to predict the destruction of our generation in 2020.

Cikánka Jolanda je už také po smrti.
Má se Donald Trump bát nakažení?
V různých zemích věští různě...

Blind Bulgarian oracle

This granny, also called Nostradamus in a skirt, had prophesied the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 twelve years before they happened, as well as the refugee crisis that culminated in Europe five years ago.

The blind Bulgarian fortune-teller Vangelija Pandeva Dimitrova-Gušterova also prophesied that millions of Europeans would die in 2020. No one knows if what she meant was that we would be wiped out by the coronavirus. But the situation is happening. People are dying of an unknown type of virus, countries are declaring a state of emergency, doctors are overwhelmed. Panic, hysteria, empty stores, stocks and currencies falling. A huge economic crisis is underway. It is literally like an apocalypse. No one knows when it will end. If it ends.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

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Baba Vanga věděla o koronaviru před více než dvaceti lety.
Baba Vanga věděla o koronaviru před více než dvaceti lety.Source: Facebook B. Vangy

It's strange, right? A complete stranger who'd never set foot out of her homeland, and she's able to strike fear in the whole world. Or not, maybe no one really took her seriously. I mean, neither do I. I have zero trust in fortune-tellers or witches. And I swear that this won't shake my opinion either, I still won't trust them. Otherwise I'd have to go crazy.

Presidents in danger

But in that case, where had all this information come from before it actually happened? Should US President Donald Trump fear for his life now? Because Vanga predicted he would die, just like Putin, and according to the media, this man that belongs to the most powerful people in the world has recently met with the Brazilian president, who has coronavirus. Trump might be rich and powerful, but he's not that young anymore. If he contracted the virus, it could really cost him his life...

Putin doesn't have to worry about the virus - in addition to the fact that there are only a few confirmed cases in Russia, according to the fortune-teller, he should be killed by one of his own people. It seems that he's actually counting with that; apparently he's even escaped several assassination attempts already.

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Putin je připraven na vše.
Putin je připraven na vše. Source: Facebook Putina

Truth or lie?

85 percent of Baba Vanga's predictions are said to have been correct, which is quite an achievement, considering she what crucial guesses she made. But God knows how much of this is true, because the Americans claim that many of the prophecies have never left her mouth. Lots of them are said to have originated from viral posts on Russian social networks. The question remains, though - who's predicting these things such a long time in advance? Whether it's Baba Vanga or Bilbo Baggins, how do they know?

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Lidé si rádi nechávají vykládat budoucnost.
Lidé si rádi nechávají vykládat budoucnost. Source: Pixabay

You'll be somewhere a lot

Good old Jolanda. (ed.: popular Czech fortune-teller) Her I liked. She never told anyone anything negative, except perhaps "I see a big bad". Her legendary quotes have logged in the minds of everyone who liked her, including me. What would she predict today, if she were still around? "You'll be somewhere a lot?"

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