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Welcome to the unique design luxury of the unforgettable Faena Hotel on Miami Beach. Anyone who enters this fabulous hotel will be enchanted. That is to say, no other place like this exists anywhere in the world.

Faena Hotel Miami: a luxurious and unique holiday

Eva Ledecká
23.Jan 2017
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Socha Mamuta Damien Hirst

The original building dates back to 1948, when it was built by the businessman George Sax. The Saxony Hotel played host to Hollywood stars such as Marylin Monroe and Frank Sinatra. Nowadays, the hotel represents the pinnacle of luxury combined with unique art and design. 

The Faena Hotel is located right on the beach in South Beach, Miami and provides its guests a large amount of space with plenty of fine sand. This is the premier hotel in all of South Beach, offering luxury accommodation and artistic and gastronomic experiences.

The majestic buildings of the luxury hotel

The hotel is made up of two buildings designed by Brandon How – Faena House and Faena Versailles Contemporary. The facades of both buildings carry in them reference to the Art Deco of the previous Versailles Hotel and the modern architecture of the former Saxony Hotel, nowadays Faena Hotel Miami Beach.

Luxusní vila na prodej v okolí Prahy - 320m
Luxusní vila na prodej v okolí Prahy - 320m,

In an attempt to depart from traditional ideas, the hotel called in the director and producer Baz Luhrmann and the costume designer Catherine Martin to supervise renovation of the luxury hotel. This is why the Faena Hotel can today boast a unique interior which may already give the impression of being the entrance to a luxury cathedral when you first pass through the doors.

Interior in the form of unique luxury

Everything which was designed for the luxury Faena Hotel, be this the installations, the art, the colours in the interior or accessories, was above all designed to ensure that a stay here evokes a feeling of happiness and provides wonderful experiences.

Faena offers 169 rooms decked out in the perfect colour combinations and the unique designs of famous artists. 

Whereas the flagship hotel in Buenos Aires was designed by Philippe Starck, Faena in Miami Beach is a mixture of various types of art. And just by the way, in the exceedingly comfortable rooms and suites, you will be walking on tiles by the artist Ann Sacks, using elegant coffee tables designed using an original Faena pattern and enjoying the luxury of a unique carpet designed by Catherine Martin. The special decoration on the walls is, for a change, the work of the artist Juana Gatti.

The luxury hotel is also home to installations from an art studio in Antwerp and by the American artist Jeff Koons.

Luxury Argentinian and Asian cuisine

You can enjoy unique and exotic dishes in the unique open-air restaurant, Los Fuegos, which is headed by a true culinary master, the Argentine Head Chef Francis Mallman. Together with this restaurant, guests are also offered delicious Asian dishes by the award-winning Head Chef Paul Qui.

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Faena Hotel
3201 Collins Ave Miami Beach FL 33140 USA
+1 305-534-8800