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Masks indoors, no masks outdoors

Face masks in offices, shops, or administrative buildings from tomorrow

Linda Veselá
09.Sep 2020
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Žena s rouškou

Those who were looking forward to the moment when they can put away their face masks and breathe freely will still have to wait. And probably for a long time, because with tomorrow, the measures against coronavirus will get even tougher.

The masks will be newly mandatory inside almost all buildings. The ministry of health responds to the sharp deterioration of the epidemiological situation, because the number of people infected with coronavirus in the Czech republic is still increasing. Just yesterday, there was a record 1164 -the most in a single day so far.

With a face mask in the cinema and in the office

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Muž má na sobě při práci roušku
Muž má na sobě při práci rouškuSource:

In addition to, for example, shops or offices, employees in companies with smaller than two-metre spacing will have to breathe through the face mask all day long. Similarly, it must be worn by participants of all indoor events, regardless of the number of people. We continue to have to wear face coverings in public transport.

Pronájem 2kk, Praha 1, 60m2
Pronájem 2kk, Praha 1, 60m2, Praha 1

The rules

Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch also recalled compliance with basic hygiene measures:

"I also urge all citizens to exercise maximum responsibility and respect for basic hygiene rules. Let's remember this rule. Hands, face masks, distance. It's the smallest and also the most important thing. Each of us can contribute with his responsible approach to managing this epidemic.”

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Chlapec si dává na ruce dezinfekci
Chlapec si dává na ruce dezinfekciSource:

Where do we not have to wear a face mask?

Exceptions where on the contrary people can put away the protection of the mouth, will include hotel rooms, in addition to their residence. As for schools, including universities, it is only necessary to have a mask in public spaces, such as corridors or toilets. They're not needed in classrooms.

We also do not need face masks in swimming pools or saunas, or in restaurants when eating food or drinking. And if get a sweet tooth, you can temporarily postpone covering your mouth during meals even in public transport.

Masks do not apply to young children either

Face masks also do not concern children under two years old, the children and teachers in kindergartens, hospitalized patients, athletes during training or competition or an engaged couple during their ceremony. The exception was also given to people working in hot environments.

Discomfort, but it pays off

The covering of the nose and mouth is recommended by major professional organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO). On average, masks help reduce the risk of transmission up to fivefold - from 17.4 percent without a face mask to 3.1 percent with it.

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