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Spoiled Hollywood stars also have their experience with sharks

Face to face with a shark! They attract humanity like a magnet!

Eva Ledecká
19.May 2020
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Diving with them is a real adventure and owning them is, more than anything else, financial Russian roulette. Sharks simply don't belong in an aquarium! Are you attracted to these sea predators and long to meet them face to face? We have good news for you: you totally can!

Po takovém obrázku touží každý vášnivý potápěč
Potápění za žraloky je vždycky risk
S čelisti žraloka si není radno zahrávat

Even famous stars went underwater in a cage to meet the predator!

Shark cage diving is a popular pastime for those who want to experience an extreme adrenaline rush! It equals putting one's life at risk. It happened multiple times that a shark managed to get in the cage. Just google it! Yet even famous people like to shark dive. Leonardo di Caprio, for example, couldn't miss out on this particular form of entertainment in 2006 during the filming of Blood Diamond near Cape Town, South Africa. Zac Efron experienced this adventure off the coast of Hawaii, Rihanna at the Tampa Aquarium in Florida and Jennifer Lawrence at the Atlanta Aquarium.

Aside of that, many people have encountered the sea predator without actively looking for it. Sharks roam the waters off the coasts of North and South Carolina, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Egypt or the heavenly Hawaiian island of Oahu.

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Obávaní mořští predátoři...
Obávaní mořští predátoři...Source:

Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy

Shark in a Czech shopping mall? Everything's possible here!

In 2005, a handsome shark appeared in the aquarium that belonged to a café in the shopping mall Nové Butovice. The creature had previously adorned the luxurious villa of Radovan Krejčíř. Unfortunately, it died a year and a half after being transported to the mall. Comparatively, though, it lasted quite long. Whenever someone tried to keep a great white shark, for instance, they usually didn't enjoy it longer than for a few days. The king of the oceans normally needs to swim a distance of dozens of kilometers every day. In aquariums, great white sharks keep hitting glass and suffer from depression. Moreover, they are hunters and refuse to eat the tiny dead fish that people try to feed them.

A challenging pet

If you really long for your own shark, though, you do have a chance. However, it's going to have to be the very demanding and expensive breeding of a smaller species - catsharks. Alternatively, you can venture into breeding of carpet sharks or blacktip sharks. Shark prices range from CZK 25,000 to CZK 700,000 (the price of a sand shark). The transport of a shark alone is a difficult and costly task. The predators need to keep moving, wherefore they are transported in special containers in which water is constantly flowing. They are carnivores, eas sea fish, cuttlefish, squid and shrimp, and the water in the aquarium has to be filtered through very powerful filters. In addition, thorough daily maintenance of the shark's "home" is necessary.

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Žralok je lovec a musí lovit!
Žralok je lovec a musí lovit!Source:

Visiting sharks in Holešovice and Olomouc

Good news for Czech shark lovers: You can see them right here! The largest shark tank in our country (100,000 liters) can be found in Prague at the Holešovice Exhibition Grounds. Several species of sharks can be spotted in Sea World, including the sand shark.

Another place where visitors can see sharks is the Olomouc Zoo. They are keeping several of these predators in an aquarium with a volume of 42,000 liters.

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