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Extravagant Tereza Mašková shines in elegant dresses by Dominik Navrátil

Eva Ledecká
22.Mar 2019
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Tereza Mašková

She used to experiment with colors in fashion, now she takes advice and relies on minimalism. A newly discovered musical talent and a great charmer Tereza Mašková has posed for photos in luxurious tailored formal dresses by a young and talented designer Dominik Navrátil.

Dominik Navrátil (21) is a young designer from Hradec Králové, who has already achieved a lot within his short career. He has dressed some of the Czech Miss titleholders, such as Karolína Mališová, Michaela Habáňová, Iva Uchytilová or Kateřina Kasanová, and collaborated on the PSXDN collection with actress Patricie Solaříková. Now he wanted to experiment a little, and so he contacted Tereza Mašková on Instagram. She agreed to a collaboration, and thanks to that, several gorgeous dresses could see the light of day.

Even though Tereza Mašková doesn't look shy in the slightest, there are some models that she doesn't dare to wear yet.

"I've always liked backless dresses that are worn without a bra. Like what Beyoncé wears, for example. But I don't really have the courage for it," she confessed.

Luxusní byt na pronájem 181m2 v Karlíně
Luxusní byt na pronájem 181m2 v Karlíně, Praha 8

Dominik Navrátil chose Tereza Mašková because of her extravagance and the challenge to create a style of clothing that's more daring and different from before.

For the photoshoot Tereza put on several gorgeous dresses.

We were enthralled by a luxurious beige floor length gown paired with a flesh tone bodysuit decorated with beads, as well as a tight black dress in a similar style. A tight Catwoman-style coatdress with a plunging neckline looked perfect on Tereza. A very unconventional take on ladies' formal wear came in the form of a pant suit with a train in white and nude colors. Flooded by so many luxurious pieces we had to ask Dominik about the most common mistakes that Czechs make when wearing formal clothing. What did he tell us?

"When it comes to women it's mostly pantyhose in open toed shoes and a visible bra. For men it's pants that are too short. You can see it quite often. The worst thing is when a designer actually wears that."

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