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Her work creates a world far from everything you've ever come across. See for yourself!

The extraordinary photographer Brooke Didonato: A thin line between fiction and reality

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02.May 2019
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Broke Didonato, kolekce Roses

Brooke Didonato is a visual artist from Ohio, now living in New York. She didn't grow up with the ambition to be a photographer, but she was always interested in art.

She started studying photography because she thought it was a more stable art that avoids millions of questions. She has come a long way since then. She can be proud of a number of exhibitions and installations around the world. The last exhibition is titled Routinized Absurdity and was presented at the KINDL Center for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany.

DiDonato's work is a combination of minimal aesthetics and pastel patterns that pull you right in. Her photographs, which blend with the everyday touch of fantastic shots, capture unreal moments when people are surrounded by, identified with, or lost in the environment around them. There is no lack of naturalistic "scenarios" where the human body loses its identity.

“I don't create these backdrops. I just use them as a stage,” says B. Didonato.

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Her surreal world

Ohio has greatly influenced the photographer. The “ordinary” elements of her hometown fascinated her and she used them in a collection called “A House is Not a Home”. Her work shows home scenes that are maybe a little strange, but beautiful, in a new luxurious light.

In her photographs, you will discover quiet suburban locations from all over the world, she works with the theme of flowers in every way imaginable, capturing special details in luxurious interiors.

A luxurious series titled “As Usual” is an expression of the interconnection of the natural environment with unusual scenes. It is one of the largest travelling photographic exhibitions in the world. The exhibition toured places like Boston, Denver, Houston and Calgary, Canada in the period 08/2018-02/2019.

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