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The liqueur Grand Marnier, which put the company Marnier Lapostolle on the map, first appeared on the market in 1880. It gets more delicious with very sip. If you want to break into the New Year in real luxury, the liqueur Grand Marnier will be the right choice for you.

An extraordinary alchemy of passion. Celebrate the New Year with Liqueur Grand Marnier

Mgr. Jana Höger
27.Dec 2018
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Imagine… I

ts extraordinarily rich, and at the same time smooth, orange aroma made from an infusion of bitter Haitian oranges and cognac, is irresistable. For its very delicate and smooth taste, it is suitable as a complemenet to a dessert.Lovers of luxurious, smooth and quality liqueurs with a pinch of fire will be satisfied.

The author of the delicious and luxurious liqueur, who discontinued the status quo Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle had the eccentric idea to create something avantgarde. The liqueur, which was to appeal to the world for more than a generation. In 1921, he bought the castle Bourg-Charente so as to prepare the liqueur of the highest possible quality, and he established his own production line named after the inventor himself, Grand Marnier. An interesting fact is, that L.A.M. Lapostolle broke standard conventions by combining the cognac with oranges.

What everything is available for you to try?

Cordon Rouge is a liqueur catching hints of amber and topaz overtones. It‘s aroma is excellent. You will sense a hint of vanilla with a candied flavour. The cognac used for this liqueur comes from the richest regions Charente – Grand and Petit Champagne. Price: 600 Kč

Louis Alexandre was made to honor the founder. Warm amber tones with a tinge of copper will entice you to try it. The aroma can be described as reminiscing candied bark with essences of bergamot. It contains 82% cognac and 18% orange liqueur. Price: 1.400 Kč

Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ
Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ, Okolí Prahy

Cuveé du Centenaire was first prepared for the 100 year anniversary of the company and the cognac used for maceration is at least 10 years old. What flavour will overcome your senses? The refined taste of old cognac with smooth hints of tobacco and balsamico. Price: 2.700 Kč

Cuvée 1800 was created to commemorate the year of birth of the founder of the brand Grand Marnier. The Aroma is smooth with nuances of lemon. Price: 6.500 Kč.

Cuveé quintessence is another story. This luxurious liqueur of rare Cuveé brims with a vibrant fruity and flowery flavour with a hint of almonds and vanilla. Price: 19.000 Kč

Which luxurious liqueur did you choose?

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Grand Marnier