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Art from a wolf's perspective

This exhibition will steal your breath away! The painter leaves her work at the mercy of wildlife

Ing. Petra Zelená
14.Aug 2020
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Autorka je celoživotně fascinována vlky.

She has been fascinated by wolves since she was a little girl. That was the reason why the 35-year-old artist Lenka Černota decided to focus her attention on nature and the perception of things from a wolf's perspective. Starting on Monday, her unique exhibition called Vlčina will be on display in Bold Gallery in Holešovice.

The author's creative coexistence with these predatory and simultaneously magical animals develops from realistic shots to abstraction, which loosely implies a wolfish view of the world. Her exceptional approach to painting is also evidenced by the fact that she places some of her "wolf" canvases in remote locations in the Beskydy forests, leaving them at the mercy of nature for weeks. During this time, she documents their fate by the means of photo traps.

"Where else should I be exhibiting my paintings than in the woods? Animals are amazing visitors and they know nothing about censorship!"

she claims.

Luxusní dům na prodej, okolí Prahy - 298m
Luxusní dům na prodej, okolí Prahy - 298m, Okolí Prahy

"I've known about photo traps for some time thanks to my family background, but it wasn't until recently that I thought of placing paitings in front of them,"

shared the artist, who comes from a family of avid hunters. Her creative path is also guided by atypically extensive education in several fields. In addition to the Prague Academy of Fine Arts, she also completed her doctoral studies at the Technical University in Ostrava, where she developed an original method of preparing a pigment from waste metallurgical materials, for which she obtained a patent. She studied multimedia and sculpture for four years at the Academy in Krakow, Poland, and highly values ​​her bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Restoration of the University of Pardubice. The Studio of Wall Painting and Sgraffito in Litomyšl provided her with further training in more than just technical skill.

Unprecedented wolf works will soon be displayed in Holešovice, Prague.

"I consider Lenka Černota to be an exceptionally talented author and her unprecedentedly authentic, and at the same time deep connection with nature fascinates me. I am very happy that we can comprehensively present this great painter in our gallery,"

says Oldřich Hejtmánek, the founder of Bold Gallery, in whose premises you can see the exhibition with a fitting name Vlčina. According to Hejtmánek, Lenka Černota found a unique key to combining sophistication with animalism, reason with emotions and analytical vision with spontaneity in her work. "What you put into it, that's what you'll find there," says the painter, who usually creates her large-format paintings directly with her hands, comparing the involvement of the whole body in working with the layering of colors on canvas to the ritual of kneading dough. You can visit the exhibition Vlčina from 18 August to 26 September.

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