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The luxurious exhibition takes place at the V&A Museum up to 27. 1. 2019.

Exhibition Fashioned from Nature brings shocking information about the fashion industry!

Martina Šmalclová
15.May 2018
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Natalja Vodianová in dress made of PET

The campaign brings astounding facts

The campaign in conjunction with the unique exhibition comes up with shocking facts which ordinary mortals often fail to realise. The luxurious exhibition draws attention to the fact that fashion and beauty products may be toxic, because of some of the components, (such as mercuric nitrate or carbon disulphide), or how many litres of water is used in the production of one shirt. Did you know that it is 2,720 litres? A striking number, isn´t it? And that it is not all!

Each piece of clothing is worn four times on average; what is your score?

The educational exhibition brings other astounding numbers, too! According to the research, each item in our wardrobe is worn four times on average, global production of clothing has doubled since the year 2000 and 95% of discarded clothing could be recycled.

Sustainable materials may be made for example from PET bottles and beautiful Natalya Vodianová is proof of this!

Do you agree that beautiful fashion should not be at the expense of the planet, or are you a fan of current trends, which know no boundaries? The luxurious exhibition seeks to broaden the horizons and to point out that sustainable materials may be made for example from PET bottles, as demonstrated by the successful beauty, Natalya Vodianová, orange rind fibres or for example grapes! Strange? Not really and it is very possible that after seeing the advertising campaign you will more than like some of these pieces.

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

The V&A Museum maps out the relationship of fashion and nature since the year 1600

The luxurious exhibition examines the complex relationship between fashion and nature and does so from the year 1600 to present day. There are therefore both hot current trends as well as valuable historic and luxury pieces. The exhibition presents natural science samples, innovative fabrics, dye processes, forcing you to think about the materials and origin of your clothes. There is only one thing to be added: a similar campaign has been needed for a long time!   

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