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Machálková organized a commemorative exhibition for the artist

An exhibition of the design genius Bořek Šípek started in the Dancing House!

Karolína Lišková
19.Nov 2019
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Although three years have passed since Bořek Šípek's death, he most certainly isn't forgotten. On the contrary. Not only did he leave behind a spitting image of himself in the form of his son Arthur, but his former life partner Leona Machalkova also organized an exhibition for him that the architect himself would be insanely proud of.

Nearly 300 exhibits representing his life work can be seen in the Dancing House. The exhibition is entitled Retrospective and it is also the last comprehensive sales exhibition of originals from the depository of Šípek himself.

Precious work

Visitors can look forward to 200 glass items and 60 pieces of design furniture that the artist created with his own hands. A part of the exhibition introduces prototypes found in the estate of the respected artist that have never been put on display before.

Luxusní vila na Hanspaulce 940m
Luxusní vila na Hanspaulce 940m, Praha 6

The commemorative event, where one can also see a documentary about Bořek, was organized by the artist's family in cooperation with private collectors who bought pieces from Šípek over the years.

"I think it was a success. Bořek would have liked it, he would have commended us,"

Leona smiled as she gave a tour around the gallery.

Inestimable value

The exhibition will offer visitors a look at luxury vases, bowls, decanters, glasses, chandeliers, porcelain mugs, bowls, plates, chairs, chairs, tables, cabinets, bookcases, lamps or candlesticks that have their own existence, a unique character that is connected and kept together by their author.

Among the most valuable creations are two glass swords, which Mr. Šípek created in 2003 for Karel Lagerfeld to be sent to France. These swords have never been exhibited in the Czech Republic. Another jewel is Mr. Šípek's latest work - a wall vase. It was finished only a few days before his death. Visitors can also look forward to a collection of handmade chairs from the 1990s. These were obtained from a private collection and have never been exhibited either. Therefore, the value of the exhibition is inestimable today.

During his last exhibition at the Dancing House in 2015, Bořek Šípek used the following words to comment on his work:

"I enjoy giving things a soul, creating valuable partners for us from seemingly inferior and often only practical objects. Objects with a soul speak to us and provoke us to a reaction - we can hate them, condemn or admire them, love or seize them. They can accompany us in our daily as well as festive lives."

You can visit the exhibition at the Dancing House until 22 March. Bořek Šípek succumbed to pancreatic cancer three years ago.

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