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The red carpet, spotlights and luxurious gowns.

Fashion at Czech Lion Awards. Who Came Dressed as a Goddess and who Bet on the Ethereal Fairy Look?

Dominika Žejdl
11.Mar 2018
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7 minutes

On the evening of 10th March, Prague Rudolfinum opened its doors to the stately 25th Czech Lion film award ceremony, which we could not miss.

Famous Czech celebrities wore to this luxurious event elegant, often pompous dresses by well-known fashion designers, which of course especially the ladies from our fashion editor´s office could not but comment upon. Which dress was according to them the best?

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Dominika Žejdl
fashion editor
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Ornella Koktová
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Názor PROTI PROUDU: Dominika Žejdl

Jana Plodková and Diana Kratochvílová bet on the clever hands of fashion designer, Zuzana Kubíčková

When Jana Plodková appeared on the red carpet, we could not but stare. Her tender femininity was accentuated by green-patterned dress by fashion designer Zuzana Kubíčková, which, teamed up with bright-red lips looked fresh and sexy. Her gown was certainly one of the most striking.

A beautiful, but a little more daring gown by Zuzana was worn also by the girlfriend of singer Adam Mišík, Diana Kratochvílová. The refined cut revealed her generous décolletage and in turn the thigh-high split her slender legs. Although they were colour-matched with Adam, the combination of different styles of the outfits was quite bizarre. 

DJ Lucca blossomed on the red carpet in a flower-print dress by Beata Rajská and exposed her décolletage

On the red carpet the attractive blond surprised by her fairy-like image. She put on a light floral dress from the workshop of designer, Beata Rajská, and thanks to its triangular top she revealed her perfect décolletage. 

Tereza Voříšková looked like a goddess in a gown by ODIVI

The young and charming actress, Tereza Voříšková, surprised by her luxurious long dress in white-silver colour. That was because Tereza is not usually a long dress aficionado; she shocked us by her stunning image: she looked like a goddess! She accessorised the gown by distinctive earrings by ANTIPEARLE brand and from us she gets A+ for the overall look!

Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m
Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m, Praha 8

Aňa Geislerová showcased romance of the First Republic by Alizé Fashion House

The beautiful red-head actress wore to the Czech Lion awards a ruched cream dress, which covered up every single inch of her skin. The gown was a little reminiscent of the time of the First Republic, when poloneck dresses with frilled sleeves were the height of fashion. The only thing of interest was the luxurious embroidery. 

A pompous dress by Agáta Seeháková was presented by Bára Poláková

In case of double mother, singer Barbora Poláková, we felt more like being present to the Grammys. Her gown definitely belonged to the clearly distinctive and luxurious ones; at first sight. A-silhouetted chiffon dress by Agáta Seeháková perfectly accentuated her overall look and in combination with the cool colour of her hair she resembled an ice queen. Did she perhaps wish to play Princess Elsa from the Frozen fairy tale?

Andrea Bartošková and Tatiana Vilhelmová bet on glossy satin and fur

Archaeologist and wife of actor Jiří Bartošek glowed in shiny satin-finish dress of tan colour which she accessorised by a brown fur hat. With Jiří Bartoška they looked, as always, just the perfect couple.

Similar impression was made by Tatiana Vilhelmová and Vojta Dyk who arrived among the last guests. Their luxurious look and style charmed as at first glance. Tatiana put on a refined dress combining lace and shiny satin, Vojta a luxury patterned suit. 

Zdenka Procházková and Jitka Čvančarová as real ladies

The legendary actress, Zdenka Procházková, surprised by her elegant and luxurious gown. The long black dress with a bold sequin embellishment forming shape of a butterfly highlighted her beauty. 

The shapely, vivacious actress, Jitka Čvančarová, is known for her penchant for revealing her full décolletage. But this time to our surprise she put on an elegant dress by designer, Tatiana Kovaříková, which accentuated her feminine curves.

Zuzana Kronerová and Táňa Pauhofová chose dark blue

The star of the evening, Zuzana Kronerová, chose light stylish blue dress with delicate crystals. The overall look did not enthuse us, nor left us cool either, because Zuzana really suited the dress. A similar shade of blue was also chosen by the Slovak actress, Táňa Pauhofová, who put on a sexy off-shoulder satin dress. Teamed up with the hairstyle and red lipstick she looked divine. 

And which dress really caught our attention? 

Dominika Žejdl

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

Although the annual awards of ´Czech Oscars´, the 25. year of Czech Lion are over, the accounts for the fashion creations have to be settled now! So who failed and who proudly sailed through it all?

Jana Plodková

This actress, perhaps as the only one turned up as if she stepped out of a fashion magazine page! The perfect dress of greenish-yellow colour, covered by blooms, accessorised by pink high heels and a red lipstick. Wow, I call that a star look! That goes also for the subtle and yet very sexy make-up. In my opinion - perfection!

Dress: 100% Make-up and hair: 98 % (the hairstyle could be a little more polished…)

Barbora Poláková:

Barbora and her re-sawn celestial blue fishnet curtain from the workshop of Agáta Seeháková: I would rather expect this model in case of the pregnant Jitka Čvančarové or someone who has some sort of issues about their figure. Poláková is either pregnant again or she planned to take home a few plates with refreshments under her voluminous skirts. Otherwise I cannot explain this horror.

Dress: 10 % Make-up and hair: 80 %

Aňa Geislerová:

It seems to me that Aňa adds fabric as she grows older. In the past she used to be the type of woman who always showcased some haute couture dress by Prada and the like. Now the multiple ´lioness´ bet on a gown by Alizé Fashion House and Cartier jewels. Cartier is definitely a super choice, but that dress looks to be from casting to a post of a vocalist for the Moravian brass band of Jan Slabák. I beg your pardon, but it does not really go with Czech Lion awards!

Dress: 40 % Make-up and hair: 60 %

Zuzana Kronerová:

The most award-winning woman of the evening put on a classic dark blue gown decorated by several crystals, which you can buy for a few crowns in the Kotva shopping centre or some suburb of Ostrava. I like about her outfit the avant-garde glasses and the big stylish bracelet on her left wrist. It is a great pity that in our parts of the world, older actress do not dress like for example Jane Fonda at the Oscars. (Come on, you “STYLISTS”?!)

Dress: 30 % Make-up and hair: 60 %

Jitka Čvančarová:

Jitka pleased us very much! Her quite simply-cut burgundy gown by Tatiana Kovaříková beautifully announced her blessed condition to all those present. As one of few actresses she really had star flair! Thank goodness she did not repeat anything like the ordinary creation of last year´s MFFKV where she was dressed by ELLE Beauty Lounge. I give it great thumbs-up, including those perfect curls and make-up!!!

Dress: 90 % Make-up and hair: 98 %

Táňa Pauhofová:

Another Slovak beauty of the evening arrived in ocean-blue gown with falling and at the same time flailing sleeves. How can I put it? The light-coloured clutch bag and strappy heels are great, but the unnecessarily drowning gown should perhaps be sunk at the bottom of the Mariana Trech instead! That is such a boring dress with nothing special about it, I am surprised that they did not leave Táňa to stand behind the cloak room counter!

Dress: 45 % Make-up and hair: 51 %

Andrea and Jiří Bartoška:

If this couple were not matched to the tiniest detail I would not even recognise them! In the case of Mrs Andrea I enjoy her sense of fashion. As one of few ladies of the gala evening she did not select a dark heavy gown but a light golden dress - as if a harbinger of warmer days to come! I don´t have any problem with the brown sheepskin coat either because it is almost identical as the one in which I took photos for the campaign "Fashion to Go Against the Current" (therefore perfect). Jiří was again a super chic elegant gent, but we have been aware of that for years.

Dress: 100 % Make-up and hair: 90 %

Zdenka Procházková:

One of the few actresses, who actually remembers movie stars of the First Republic, arrived at the Czech Lion awards in full vigour and zest. That is what I adore about this woman. When you look at her, you can see clearly that she wants to go with the times and certainly does not cling to the past. This is clearly visible even in the choice of her gown. The giant golden butterfly absolutely lit up the otherwise quite ordinary dress. Super performance!

Dress: 88 % Make-up and hair: 100 %

Tatiana Vilhemová and Vojta Dyk:

Instead of a wannabe romantic dress for little girls, Tatiana should have chosen a completely different gown that would accentuate her femininity (the mature kind). In my opinion this model did her no favours, because she looks like a mutton dressed as lamb - a great pity! The profi make-up and hair did not really help here either.

I regard Vojta as an eccentric artist and therefore his suit a lá mode "I, butterfly Emanuel" quite suits him. However, I would not like to see that on my own husband!

Dress: 65 % Make-up and hair: 55 %

DJ Lucca (Lucie Kvasnicová)

The successful DJ turned up at Czech Lion awards as if she went to a beach. A tousled ponytail, shiny complexion and a dress as if from any little shop ´Aloha´ somewhere in Hawaii. The worst thing of all is the accentuated waist - by black fabric. Instead of optically slimming, it seems to me that it is doing the opposite. In my opinion, considering the very thin figure of this lady it is quite incomprehensible. Next time it requires first to look at some trendy on-line tips before going out.

Dress: 10 % Make-up and hair: 50 %

Tereza Voříšková:

Tereza as a prayed-for copy of Libuška Šafránková in the nominated picture ´Barefoot´ failed in her movie task. At least, however, she wore a dress to the gala evening that she certainly does not have to be ashamed of. She looked completely pure and innocent in white and due to her small busts she can afford a deep neckline without a brassiere, which would otherwise have looked quite vulgar. This is exactly one of those situations where I, otherwise endowed, am green with envy. What is it like to simply once in a while not have to look after one´s V-neck?!

Dress: 90 % Make-up and hair: 90 %

Adam Mišík:

Adam is a type of boy who wants to be original at any price (literally so). This time he wanted to affirm this by a jacket reminiscent of a badly stitched kimono. Was it supposed to astonish us? His girlfriend was even more ambitious. Did he perhaps meet her in the Red Light District of Amsterdam...I will not further elaborate. But so what, the girl is young, and as I recall, I did not quite hit the mark myself on few occasions either:) …

Ornella Koktová
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