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Nobody is safe from the coronavirus

The famous are not immune! Tom Hanks has the coronavirus, the infected politician met with British Prime Minister

12.Mar 2020
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Tom Hanks

The coronavirus is inexorably spreading further and unfortunately, it . doesn't discriminate. Among the infected are American actor Tom Hanks and a number of politicians in Britain or Spain. It is obvious that neither power nor money can protect you from Covid-19.

Česká vláda zavádí opatření proti šíření koronaviru.
Koronavirus se šíří po celém světě.
Koronavirus se šíří po celém světě.
Před kororavirem je potřeba se chránit.

Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have been infected with the coronavirus in Australia. Both of them are working there on shooting a new movie about Elvis Presley. But they came in contact with someone who was sick, and soon both of them began to exhibit typical symptoms - fever, chills and body pain. They got themselves tested and found they had the Covid-19 disease.

"Hello, everybody. Rita and I are here in Australia. We felt a little tired, cold and in pain in our bodies. Rita had chills that came and went. Light fevers too. To do everything right, as is necessary in the world now, we have been tested for coronavirus, and the result was positive," Tom Hankswrote on a social network.

Byt na pronájem v okolí Petrského náměstí
Byt na pronájem v okolí Petrského náměstí, Praha 1

High-risk group

Hanks and his wife are currently quarantined, waiting to see how the disease plays out. They are both 63 years old, which puts them in the group of high-risk patients. It is in older adults that the disease tends to be more serious and the risk of death increases.

Other actors are also at risk. Another person to catch the virus was the sister of actor Matthew Broderick, who works as a pastor at a church in the prominent district of Beverly Hills. One of the NBA players is also sick, but his name has not yet been disclosed.

First politicians to fall ill

In a couple of European countries, several politicians have already been infected. In the UK, it is Deputy Health Minister and MP Nadine Dorries who has the virus. She started to experience health problems a few days ago, yet she met with dozens of people before getting tested. She even attended a meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself! It is currently being investigated, whom she might have infected.

The situation is serious also in Spain, where not one, but two MPs are already infected. The Czech Republic has no infected politicians yet, but several are quarantined, for example the head of the STAN movement, Petr Gazdík.

More than 126,000 people have been infected with coronavirus worldwide, with a total of 4642 deaths.

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