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Eva Jurinová died at the age of 67.

Eva Jurinová has passed away: She was hiding her illness from her colleagues. This is how they remember her

Kateřina Ostrejšová
14.Jan 2021
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Eva Jurinová

Former TV presenter Eva Jurinová passed away after a long illness, she was 67 years old. We could see her on the screens of Czechoslovak television or TV Nova, where she presented the main news programme. We could also listen to her voice daily on the way to work, since she'd recorded the announcements for Line B of the Prague metro.

She commuted between Ostrava and Prague

Eva was born on December 3, 1953, in Ostrava. However, she decided to study in Prague, where she graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at Charles University. After college, she returned to her hometown, where she began to build her career in the Ostrava studio of Czechoslovak Television. Her heart pulled her back to Prague, though, where she continued her work as a TV presenter. In the years 1989-1991, she presented the TV programme Deník. She then left public television.

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Eva Jurinová a Zbyněk Merunka
Eva Jurinová a Zbyněk MerunkaSource: Jan Kroupa / CNC / Profimedia

I have two husbands, she used to say

Later she left to work for Czech Radio and for a long time she became the presenter of Televizní noviny on TV Nova, teaming up with Zbyněk Merunka. Jurinová had claimed for years that she had two husbands. One at home and one at work. She continued to be friends with the "work husband" even after leaving television. The presenter remembered her newbie years as the most beautiful time in her career.

Line B voice

After leaving television, she worked as a spokesperson for Motol University Hospital, where she also prepared doctors and members of management for appearances in the media. In 2011, however, the hospital director Miloslav Ludvík fired her.

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Eva Jurinová
Eva JurinováSource:

She acted as a councilwoman, too. From 2014 to 2016 she was the mayor of the town Sadská. She unsuccessfully ran for the Senate. Thanks to her cultivated speech, all passengers of the Prague metro know her voice. Jurinová voiced the announcements for Line B.

Prodej luxusního bytu 5+kk Praha 7 - Bubeneč
Prodej luxusního bytu 5+kk Praha 7 - Bubeneč, Praha 7

The position of Czech Television councilor didn't work out for her

In 2009, she sought the position of the Czech Television Councilor, for which she was nominated by the Czech Syndicate of Journalists. Unfortunately, she failed. She then taught presenting at the Higher School of Performing in Prague and represented companies as well as individuals in the field of PR and presentation. She was also a lecturer at the Prague Management Institute, which provides accredited MBA studies.

"Above all, rhetoric in television news is specific, presenters must control their voice so that they don't interfere with the content of news. Unfortunately, I often hear screaming and shouting. We only have a few cultured voices,"

said the presenter some time ago during an interview on Czech Radio.

Since 1989, Eva Jurinová has been married and childless. She and her husband ran a business in their agency JURI-STYL-Média and lived in the village of Sadská in the Nymburk region.

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Eva Jurinová
Eva JurinováSource:

She claimed that the commercial sphere profaned the profession of a presenter.

"It makes celebrities even out of complete losers. Today, every other girl wants to be a presenter, because she believes that all she has to do is look pretty, smile and she'll become famous. That's not enough,"

she reminded in an interview for Mladá fronta DNES.

And how do her colleagues remember her?

"It's going to take me a long time to recover from this because I had no idea. When I spoke to her, she didn't give me a single hint about her situation. At most, she said she wasn't feeling well. At the same time, I think that she'd been suffering from the disease for a long time already. Eva and I agreed several times that the years we spent on Televizní noviny were our most beautiful, most successful in our lives. I mean, I joined TV Nova at the age of 44, so I'd already had some experience. Eva was a very nice colleague, one could rely on her completely. And that's probably the most important thing when it comes to presenting news in tandem,"

said grieving Zdeněk Merunka for TV Nova.

"I feel so sorry about it. I hadn't seen Eva in many years. Back in the days when we used to see each other, she was always positive, kind, and in a good mood. That's why the news is even sadder to me,"

said a former colleague from television Markéta Mayerová.

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Slávek Boura
Slávek BouraSource:

"Ah, well. Eva and I had always understood each other well. She was a great woman, and I'm so sorry about the news. Whenever we talked, she was extremely friendly, wise, and smart. She was a calm and amazing woman. I feel so sorry about this,"

said Slávek Boura.

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