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The luxury perfume designer Elodie Pollet imparted on us the secrets of fragrances and recommended which perfumes are suitable as a gift to our mothers.

EUTOPIE perfumes: why is a distinctive aroma the perfect gift for Mother's Day?

Eva Ledecká
10.May 2019
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Elodie Pollet has traveled through a large part of our planet and bottled her experiences, emotions and perceptions in luxury flacons with exotic fragrances called EUTOPIE. We present you a perfume that is, in her own words, ideal as a gift to our mothers.

Elodie Pollet

“The perfume “EUTOPIE No. 10” is inspired by the silk trail, an ancient trade route linking China and the Mediterranean, where the West meets the East. It is a showcase of a unique mix of beautiful materials. It's so universal that it reminds me of all the women in the world.”

According to Elodie Pollet, mothers should be given perfumes with a "strong personality", so that their children would remember them as fragrances typical and unique for them.

Luxusní vila na prodej na Praze 6 - 590
Luxusní vila na prodej na Praze 6 - 590, Praha 6

A distinctive fragrance full of exotic ingredients

The perfume EUTOPIE No. 10 was inspired by Elodie’s journey to Uzbekistan, where she visited the beautiful cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. As a reminder of this unforgettable “road trip”, a luxurious perfume was created. Close your eyes and imagine the Orient, the smell of rose water, precious spices, a light whiff of incense, saffron and geranium in bloom.

We asked Elodie 3 questions related to Mother's Day:

What kind of life advice did your mother give you?

"Pour vivre heureux, vivons cachés" (live happily and covertly) It is a motto from northern France where I come from, where wealthy people are very discreet about their fortune.

What do you wish your son to learn from you?

I would like him to be open to people from all corners of our planet. And it’s going well, he is 4 years old and has already traveled to New York, Cabo Verde, Israel, Hungary, Greece, Poland, Dubai. He will probably travel a lot, just like his parents.

How would you like him to remember you?

As a loving and happy mom who often laughed with him.

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