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When journeys become an inspiration, a French brand of original perfumes is created. This too, could be the wording of the new EUTOPE slogan.

EUTOPIE: Luxurious Perfumes Telling their own Story

Martina Šmalclová
18.Mar 2018
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Elodie Pollet puts aromatic memories of her journeys into flacons

More than ten years of practice in the luxury world of fragrances and personal experience of travel brought Elodie Pollet, founder of EUTOPIE, to the idea of creation of her own exclusive brand. She has thus crystallised not only her knowledge gained from the perfume industry, but above all the unforgettable memories of her exotic trips across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, which she has been transforming for several years now, into the flacons of unique perfumes EUTOPIE.

EUTOPIE brings the best olfactory travelling experiences

The name EUTOPIE comes from the term utopia, introduced by Thomas More in 1516 as an idea of ideal human society. The luxury brand longs for similar perfection and therefore creates exclusive perfumes, containing the best materials and olfactory experiences from each country visited.

You can choose from nine kinds of unique perfumes

The luxurious perfumes are a series of poems encapsulating exotic cultures from the whole world. You can choose from a total of nine kinds with the aroma of flowers, orient, cypress tree, wood, leather or citrus. EUTOPIE perfumes thus possess a wide range of components that surely everyone will be able to come to his own.     

Prodej luxusní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej luxusní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

Perfume your home by luxurious candles with the aroma of incense or leather

In addition to perfumes EUTOPIE also produces scented candles. There are currently three kinds based on fragrances created in the past - on Eutopie No. 1 with the aroma of wood and amber, Eutopie No. 2 with the aroma of rose and incense, Eutopie No. 6 with the aroma of geranium and leather. A 250-grams candle will perfume your apartment for up to 60 hours.  

EUTOPIE receives prestigious awards both in the domestic market as well as abroad

Since its launch the brand won several awards. In 2012 she won the European Beauty Innovation award in Paris and in 2013 the luxury perfume EUTOPIE No. 4 became the winner of Prix de Parfum Artisque in Berlin.

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