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This electric motorcycle, which was surprisingly enough designed by a group of students from the universities in Zurich, features cutting-edge technology and intelligent solutions. It is a technological “miracle”.

Ethec: A motorcycle that symbolises the future of electric machines

Mgr. Jana Höger
15.Oct 2018
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More about the Ethletic team. A young team we’re sure to hear more about.

The Ethec team, which designed the luxurious Ethec motorcycle, comprises 13 friendly students of mechanics, 1 student of electrical engineering from ETH Zurich and 2 students of industrial design from the arts university in Zurich.

They all made quite a stir, because not only does their electric machine look amazing, but its technological equipment is maximally astounding. From the first sketch down to the technical engineering, design, production and even marketing, the students managed the whole process almost entirely alone. Incredible! Kudos to them!

The young creators’ vision

Energy reservoirs have limited capacities, which is why many electric motorcycles have a relatively short range. Thanks to the newly developed technologies, team of young creators from ETH makes more effective use of the available energy and opens new possibilities in the world of modern mobility.

Technological gadgets – a mere fragment of what the motorcycle contains

High energy consumption when braking was solved by integrating a front engine hub. This additional motor can be used to restore braking energy and achieve higher efficiency, safety and a superb driving experience. The lithium-ion battery composed of 1260 cells is kept at ideal operating temperature by a thermoelectric cooling system. Are you wondering about the performance? An even 67 horsepower. You can drive 400 km. The fast-charging technology allows you to recharge the motorcycle in about 1 hour, which is very decent.

Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy

Dynamic look – Ethec like the human body

The futuristic, luxurious construction of the motorcycle takes the form of a human body. The motorcycle features slim, graceful lines with a beautiful seat, widening and increasing in size towards the rear. Take note of the wide headlamps, which constitute a key structural element and characterise the luxurious look of the motorcycle itself. The excellent front wheel and frame with springs give the Ethec motorcycle a powerful visage, while the subdued colours add a mysterious aspect.

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