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When Janek Ledecký, composer, singer and father of the golden medallist, Ester, published his video for the song You Are Asleep for his daughter who appears in it, not many people paid attention. Now they may click themselves to death!

Ester Ledecká: from a Quiet Video to the Crowded Prague Old Town Square!

Eva Ledecká
26.Feb 2018
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That she is considered to be the sporty darling of the nation is also testified by the fact that after Winter Olympics 2018 she was welcomed in Prague Old Town Square by thousands of frozen fans!

Old Town Square on 26. February

From three o´clock in the afternoon, about four thousand fans awaited Ester Ledecká and the other Czech Olympians in Old Town Square despite the unpleasant freezing weather. The atmosphere was amazing, and the atmosphere charged with friendship and national pride. After 5pm arrived the ecstatic speed skater, Martina Sáblíková, bringing home silver from the Olympics. A quarter of an hour later arrived the one who has probably been awaited the most. The touched Ester Ledecká was welcomed by tumultuous cheers!

"I thought that there will be a couple of foreigners standing by the astronomical clock, I would say ´Hi´ and that would be that over with," said pleased Ester, smiling.

Kateřina Neumannová spoke on the stage, as well as Sáblíková´s coach, Petr Novák, member of Ledecká´s training team, Ondřej Bank, as well as the former hockey goalkeeper, Milan Hnilička. Eva Samková greeted the fans through a video message from Vrchlabí. 

The greatest Czech moments in Korea

Esther Ledecká won a gold medal in super-giant slalom and thus entered the hall of fame. She became the first Czech alpine skier who won a gold medal at Winter Olympics. What a surprise! But this was only the beginning!

In parallel giant slalom in snowboarding she won gold again when he defeated German Selina Jörg! Yes, and she thus became the first woman in the history of Olympic Games to win gold medals in two different sports!

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 1
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 1, Praha 1

"Czech snowboardist won in Winter Olympics gold medal in women's Super-G on borrowed skis."

This is one of the most notable success stories, to be retold after the end of the Winter Olympic Games many times over. And according to BBC it is one of the most amazing stories in the entire history of Winter Olympic Games.

Ester - the "bright star"

Moreover, the Ledecký family insured the glory of their daughter by a cleverly selected name. Esther comes from Hebrew and it is a name for a distinctive woman, a bright star. And Esther Ledecká really shines! She excels in everything she touches. Thanks to the absolutely unexpected gold medals won at this year's Winter Olympics in ski super-G ski and parallel giant slalom in snowboarding, she is known around the whole world. And the Czech nation finally has someone whom it can be proud of!

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