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Luxury beyond belief invites adventurers for a cruise

Escape for an adventure on the new Global 330 super yacht

15.Jul 2019
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A new billionaire yacht Global 330

Luxurious and megalomaniac, but not too large to enter smaller bays and harbors. We are talking about the new Global 330 super yacht, which is sure to impress every billionaire with a passion for adventure.

A sailor's dream come true

Global 330 meets all the requirements of today's yacht enthusiasts - smooth maneuvering, the ability to conquer great distances, and a sophisticated luxury interior, designed by Bentley experts.

“Instead of slow steel boats in the typical commercial style, we've come up with a new, forward-looking concept. We are introducing a new advanced line of fast and modern vessels,"

the manufacturer Dynamiq announced at the official presentation, adding that the construction is made of aluminium.

Luxusní byt s výhledem na Pražský hrad, Malá
Luxusní byt s výhledem na Pražský hrad, Malá, Praha 1

Underwater exploration

The yacht's length is 33 meters, which makes it possible to sail it to the less accessible coves where larger yachts (usually above 40 meters) cannot enter. The ship is equipped with fishing and diving equipment, as well as an underwater vessel, which can be utilized to explore the surrounding waters. There are also drones or a quality Celeston telescope for sky observation on board. The yacht is ideal for those who like to combine their vacation or transfer to a new destination with a little adventure and exploration.

Balconies and a substantial range

Five different cabins can accommodate up to 10 people, the largest of them being situated directly on the deck and featuring two balconies. The yacht also incorporates a lounge with large windows, a fireplace and a sauna. The interior is very elegant and designed in quality materials in white, gray, brown and gold.

The 2400 horsepower yacht is capable of cruising at a speed of up to 16 knots and can reach over 5700 kilometers per 20.6-liter tank. In case of efficient sailing approximately at half speed, the yacht can make about 1700 kilometers more.

The construction of one vessel, which takes place in Tuscany, takes up to 24 months, which means that if you're interested it purchasing one, it's time to make an order. The prices start at CZK 323 million.

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