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The World of Book festival, which is now under way, is packed with interesting information, luxurious books and accompanying programmes. A large part is also devoted to comics and the very erotic in comics is one of the topics to be covered.

Erotic Comics - Are there any Limits?

Eva Ledecká
10.May 2018
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Click, Milo Manara

One of the most prominent personalities in creation of comics is the Italian cartoonist and artist Milo Manara. In addition to his cooperation with heavyweights such as the company Marvel, he is known in particular for his series of erotic comics, Klik! For the first time these were published in 1983, other series soon follow suit.

What will attract the readers? An erotic story and luxury images of sexy women.

Milo Manara is undoubtedly a gifted cartoonist, who deserves admiration. But the question is what do the readers actually admire about his comics? Is it the technique of his drawings or are they attracted by the story itself and the drawn naked women, who are sensual, show off perfect curves, are explosive and very sexy? We bet on the other things. He takes pain over his plots just as much as making sure that his drawings are really exciting.

The first volume presented an attractive woman, Claudia Cristiani, who is married to an older, rich gentleman. She is kidnapped by a scientist who implants a remotely-controlled device that activates her sexual greed into her is. Other stories stem from her new situation and what they are about does not require a more detailed description.

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

Should drawn comics have any boundaries as to the content?

There is a whole number of erotic comic books in the market. But is there is a boundary between art and the erotic? If you are interested in this subject, please visit the currently ongoing festival, World of Books Prague 2018 on Saturday 12. May at 18:00 at Prague Exhibition Grounds. Richard Klíčník from Argo and Petr Litoš from CREW will take the luxurious work of Milo Manara to hand during their debate.

More about the festival World of Books Prague 2018 on the website of the festival.

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