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Artist and performer Epos 257 has become the most expensive Czech artist of the younger generation. His work was auctioned on 7 October 2018 for a cool CZK 1,100,000.

Epos 257 the most expensive artist of his generation. His work was auctioned for CZK 1,100,000!

Eva Ledecká
08.Oct 2018
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3080 transakcí - dílo za 1 100 000 Kč

This work, titled 3080 transactions, was created using 3080 valid bank notes in the total value of CZK 878,600.

The auction took place on 7 October at Obecní dům in Prague and represents a record-breaking sum, which no other Czech artist of the younger generation has sold a work of art for in auction. The total amount that the new owner will have to pay is CZK 1,364,000.

3080 transakcí - projekt Retroreflexe
Dílo vydražené za 1 100 000 Kč
3080 transakcí - projek Retroreflexe

The auction ended the artist’s project called Retroreflexe, a large part of which was exhibited at Veletržní palác last year.

What was it about?

A condition for visiting the exhibition at Veletržní palace free of charge was to exchange a Czech bank note of any nominal value for a completely new bank note of the same value. No one lost or gained anything. This was simply an exchange operation, which drew attention to the circulation of money, commodities and services in society. The author simultaneously involved visitors in creation of his new work of art by means of this event. The result was the work titled 3080 transactions.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice, Praha 10

Who is Epos 257

Is this the first time you have heard the name of this artist? You may not know him, but you may be aware of his work, which flooded Prague in 2009 when he placed 30 bales of straw in the public areas of our Capital City. Or he erected a fence around Palackého náměstí in 2010 (the fence, which covered 50 square metres, stood there without anyone noticing for nearly two months). You may also be familiar with his billboards, which he shoots a paintball gun at, cuts up, exhibits and sells. One such billboard is part of the collections of the National Gallery in Prague.

Epos 257 is a key representative of the Czech street art scene. And now also the most expensive artist of the younger generation.

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