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Everybody wishes they were Irish at least once a year. This is at least claimed proudly by the Irish, inhabitants of this beautiful and rugged country. The day they are talking about is St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s set out for the luxurious city of Dublin, the place where it all happens!

Entertainment and laughter in Dublin: St. Patrick's Festival (16-18 March)

Eva Ledecká
03.Mar 2017
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St. Patrick's Day falls on 17 March and is a bank holiday in Ireland and Great Britain. Celebrations are however held in all corners of the world and what was a purely Christian tradition has transformed into a commercial celebration which can’t get by without the colour green, the shamrock and a lot of alcohol. But for a truly luxurious entertainment experience, you have to go to Dublin!

St. Patrick Festival

St. Patrick's Festival has been held in the Irish city of Dublin every year since 1995 and lasts for several days. This year’s festival starts on Thursday 16 March and ends on Sunday 18 March. The main attraction of the luxurious three-day celebration is the St. Patrick's Festival Parade on Saturday, a cheerful parade full of masks, colourful floats and Irish music. It traditionally starts in Parnell Square and ends at the Church of St. Patrick.

The festival was created due to a desire to offer the Irish and visitors to the island a national festival which would be comparable with other famous festivals such as the Love Parade in Berlin, the Nothing Hill Carnival in London, the Carnival of Venice or the famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

Get to know Dublin in an unconventional manner

Apart from parades, luxurious entertainment awaits visitors in the form of dance, music and theatre performances and Sunday rounds things off with an original event called the Festival Treasure Hunt. With a special map in your hands, you will be able to discover the secret corners of Dublin and thus get to know this unique city in a unique manner.

Who was St. Patrick?

Why do we celebrate St. Patrick's Day at all? The actual celebration is held in honour of the most famous preacher and missionary who brought Christianity to Ireland. He was born in Great Britain and his death is dated 17 March sometime around 493. The main symbol is the shamrock which St. Patrick used during his work as a missionary as a symbol to explain the Holy Trinity. The colour green, which is a vital part of the celebrations, symbolises the colour of the robes he is usually depicted wearing.

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St. Patrick's festival
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