Engravings and photos in one. Visiting the exhibition at the French Institute (until June 23)

Eye on Time, exhibition by Samuel Moucha and Iveta Kopicová, French Institute, May 16 - June 23
07.May 2019
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A combination of engraving and photography? Yes, it is possible - and the result can take the shape of unique creative works. You can see for yourself at the Prague French Institute! The opening will take place on 16 May and the exhibition will last until 23 June. And who will be exhibiting? Samuel Moucha in cooperation with Iveta Kopicová.

Samuel Moucha

The bohemian with French roots is an artist with his body and soul. Engravings, graphics and paintings are at the forefront of his luxury creative work. His love for craft also brought him to artistic blacksmithery and unique stucco work.

At the French Institute you can take a look at 30 works with his signature and also those he created together with the interior photographer Iveta Kopicová.

"The aim of our work was to connect the engraving and the photograph and prove that the hard and the fine art techniques can work together beautifully," says Samuel Moucha about their collaborative artistic creations.

Luxusní byt k prodeji - Praha 5 - 94m
Luxusní byt k prodeji - Praha 5 - 94m, Praha 5

The three-meter Eye on Time

The central part of the exhibition is a luxurious 2 x 3 meter engraving called Eye on Time. So far, it is the largest work of Samuel Moucha. At the exhibition, you can also admire a matrix that transforms into a light object, as light shines through it, creating a luxurious stained glass image. It is called Tesla, after the man who Samuel Moucha is fascinated by so much that he has been creating works in his name for six years already. This is by no means his only artwork inspired by this famous personality.

Samuel Moucha exhibited his works in the Czech Republic, Canada and France.

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