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The end of the Winter Olympic Games 2018: the Grand Closing Ceremony, Ivanka Trump and Satisfaction of the Czech Team

Eva Ledecká
25.Feb 2018
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WOG 2018

Ivanka Trump at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games 2018

The daughter of the US President, Ivanka Trump, couldn´t resist and came to see the luxurious final show of this year's Winter Olympic Games, for whom, according to her words, participation in the closing ceremony with the American delegation was a great privilege. She came to support the American team and decided to spend a couple of days in Pyeongchang. She or the other onlookers definitely could not be disappointed by the spectacular closing ceremony. 

The flag bearer of Czech Republic – Ester - of course!

At the beginning of the final ceremony the flag bearers proudly carried the flag of their country. For the Czech Republic it could be none other than the double gold medallist, Ester Ledecká. The only country that did not carry its flag was Russia. It was initially intended to refrain from the punishment at least at the final ceremony, but due to positive doping tests of two athletes this did not happen.

Creative performances, dance and music

At the closing ceremony, several dance performances were held, as well as exciting audio and visual shows not lacking a hallmark of originality: monochromatically-dressed dancers inviting into future, luxury Korean hip-hop called K-pop, a young Korean singer with an incredibly beautiful voice, a virtual panda sailing over the Great Chinese Wall, a huge box containing a glass ball with a magical country and shots from the Winter Olympics 2018. 

The Olympic flame finished burning and the Winter Olympic Games for this year concluded by luxurious, spectacular fireworks.

Luxusní vila na prodej Praha Západ - 255m
Luxusní vila na prodej Praha Západ - 255m, Okolí Prahy

In four years in Beijing!

Traditionally the Olympic flag was taken down, which was handed over into the hands of Beijing. It will host the next Winter Olympics in 2022. In the act when the Chinese flag went up the mast, the Chinese anthem was played. In addition the anthem of Greece was also played, a country where the idea of Olympic Games originated.

During the ceremony were also handed over the last luxurious medals for women´s 30 km endurance run, which ended a few hours beforehand.

Norway is the winner, the Czechs take seven medals!

The most successful country in this year's Winter Olympics was Norway, with 14 gold medals, 10 silver and 10 bronze medals. The Czech team can be very proud, too, and rightly so. It took home a total of 7 medals, which is with respect to the size of our small country a luxurious number and we´d like to congratulate all of the awarded athletes. And who is that?

Gold: Esther Ledecká - super-G skiing

Gold: Esther Ledecká - parallel G-slalom snowboarding

Silver: Martina Sáblíková – speed-skating 5,000 m

Silver: Michal Krčmář – biathlon

Bronze: Karolína Erbanová - speed-skating, sprint for 500 m

Bronze: Veronika Vítková - biathlonist sprint

Bronze: Eva Samková: snowboardcross

Welcome Ester Ledecká in Staroměstké Square, where she will come to greet her fans on Monday 26. 2. at 17:00 immediately after arrival from Korea!

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