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Will there be a Czech Nightingale or not?

The end of the Nightingale in the Czech Republic! Will the legendary poll disappear like in Slovakia?

Jana Fikotová
01.Oct 2018
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Lucie Bílá and Karel Gott

Last year after the announcement of the results and a stormy reaction regarding the unfair practices in the poll, director of the agency Musica Bohemica, Jaroslav Těšínský, said there would be a change in the voting system of the Czech Nightingale poll. Before actually changing the rules he canceled the music poll completely.

Social networks are the cause of the fall of the Czech Nightingale!

At the end of September, the organizing agency Musica Bohemica informed that the Czech Nightingale was canceled for this year. However, it will allegedly return. Last year the director, Jaroslav Těšínský, said that only a change in the rules of the poll is necessary. Why? The reason behind it is the influence of social networks!

Last year, just one day after Saturday's announcement of the results, there was a passionate debate about the deduction of Ortel's votes and about the unfair practices of singer Tomáš Ortel in the voting of their supporters.

"Organized voting took place through social networks to support a particular subject. We discovered this violation in the profile of Tomáš Ortel wildly shared by the Czech Nightingale, where there are specific appeals regarding the organization of such an event, including the call for individuals to vote on multiple mobiles or who they should not vote as second and third. More than fifty thousand people were addressed," Těšínský said last year.

Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ
Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ, Okolí Prahy

What does Karel Gott have to say about all this?

Unfortunately, a year has passed and no changes have taken place, so the organizers have decided to interrupt the poll. The most famous artists are not happy about this news. Singer Karel Gott described the Czech Nightingale as an integral part of Czech popular music.

"Personally, I always enjoyed the announcing of the winners, also because I had the opportunity my colleagues in the hall, who I am always happy to be inspired by. Therefore, I strongly believe that next year the poll will continue and I wish Mr. Těšínský a lot of energy and enthusiasm for his future work," said Gott, who has won the poll forty-two times, a similar reaction was shared by singer Lucie Bílá, who has won 20 times in the poll.

And what about Tomáš Ortel?

And what is the reaction of the person who is one of the reasons for these changes?

"If people do not have the ability to influence voting in a popularity contest, the poll loses its essence. The change of rules was discussed immediately after the announcement of the winners last year, so a similar statement from Mr. Těšínský could be expected. The question remains: what role does Ortel play in these steps and whether this is not merely a way to prevent the band or myself from appearing on television," said singer Tomáš Ortel.

If the Nightingale really takes time out for only a brief period and the changes will make sense, according to experts, a one or two year interruption of the poll should not matter. People will not forget it. In the 1990s, the Czech Nightlife was interrupted for four years. The question, however, is whether the organizers will eventually take an example from our neighbors. In Slovakia, a similar poll was definitely canceled years ago, and according to the information available, nobody minds.

There were problems with the Nightingale also in the past

Problems with the Nightingale go far into the past. Eleven years ago, the organizers eliminated the Votchi group. According to the organizers, some SMS messages showed non-standard characters. Subsequently, it turned out that there were several hundred SIM cards from which unknown people sent polls in favor of the Votchi group and singer Patrik Fox.

Two years later, singer Rostislav Koplík was eliminated, what discredited him was that the overwhelming majority of votes came from one operator. The duo Eva and Vašek or the band Argema also lost their votes when their number "did not match the voting standard".

A great outrage erupted in 2013 when rapper Martin Pohl a.k.a. Butcher was eliminated. They eliminated him because of vulgar and violent lyrics. Tomáš Klus, who distanced himself from the poll because of censorship, opposed this step. The last straw was the case surrounding Tomáš Ortel and his band of the same name when they ranked second in 2016.

The history of the Czech Nightingale

The Czech Nightingale has been a part of our lives for a long time. The original poll was created during a meeting of the editorial staff of Young World in 1962. People voted and considered it an integral part of the year. But just like everything, the poll had its lifespan, and after 1991 it was canceled, only to be succeeded by the Czech Nightingale in 1996. The record holder of the luxurious nightingales is master Karel Gott, who has forty-two of them at home. Other record holders include singer Lucie Bílá with twenty awards, and the band Kabát with twelve nightingales.

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