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"I have experienced the most intense scent on the Indonesian island of Bali, there are also wonderful scents for example in Greece, dominated by fresh citruses." Elodie Pollet

Elodie Pollet: "My Travels for Scents"

Eva Ledecká
25.Jun 2018
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Elodie Pollet

Travelling with Elodie Pollet on scented waves

With Elodie Pollet you will experience a different type of journeys altogether. She will take you to places that you may be familiar with, but will show you their different dimension. What is the scent of Moscow and what was the most intense experience brought by the arid desert of the Arabian Peninsula? You will set off with her along the Silk Road and find out what the scent of Orient is. Soon we will bring you the first part of the new travelling series, the likes of which you have never seen!!

Now let us introduce you to the amazing lady from France, Elodie Pollet, who stores experiences from her travels into luxury flasks of EUTOPIE perfumes.

She had worked for Hermès in the perfume department. She met the man of her life, thanks to whom she got to know a great deal of the world. Since her childhood she has loved perfumes, until she decided that she will begin to produce them. Join us on her magic life path interwoven by scents. 

The first scent? From her grandmother´s kitchen!

"I have loved scents since my childhood. As the first I remember the smell of my grandmother´s kitchen, when we together baked madeleines. That smell is unforgettable. At the time of my adolescence I tried many, many perfumes and I often changed them. Maybe it was no accident that I started to work at Hermès perfume department. And my love of scents was bound to lead to my making a living out of their production."

It started with the royal wedding in Dubai

"I lived with my husband in Dubai, a city, where it all started. I was invited to a royal wedding, when the Dubai Sheik was getting married. According to local tradition, men are separated from women. We have been in such a beautiful, really charming room, where there was a display of many flasks of various perfumes. Every woman could sample them and wear to the wedding the one she liked the best. I was absolutely mesmerised by them! There is probably where it all started, I have decided there and then that I will produce perfumes."

Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2
Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2, Okolí Prahy

No beginnings are simple

“It took two years to complete all the documents, registration, a concept had to be invented, name, etc. However if you long for something, it will come true. And in 2011 the light of day was seen by my first two perfumes: No. 1. and 2., inspired by the Arab world. I cooperate with SFA, perfumer in Grasse, Swiss company Givaudan with office in Paris and independent nose Thomas Fontain."

What is the scent of Prague?

"The EUTOPIE perfumes contain scents of beautiful parts of countries which I have stayed in with my husband, and which I visited during my travels. After Dubai, Moscow and Paris it is now your capital city of Prague, where I have lived over a year now with my husband and our three-year old son Clément. My last perfume is devoted to this magic city - it is perfume No. 11., which has been recently introduced in the beautiful areas of the French Embassy. Are you interested in its smell?

I have arrived to Prague in February and within two months the city literally transformed before my very eyes. Everywhere lilac trees came to bloom and their smell absolutely stunned me. It was clear that the fragrance inspired by Prague will smell after lilac."

All travels are different. Some wants to enjoy adrenalin, some local specialities. Elodie Pollet perceives smells. Thanks to her you will get to know various countries from a different perspective - from the point of view of a woman and perfume connoisseur. Soon we will bring you the first part of the new travelling series, the likes of which you have never seen!

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