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Which stars have discovered the elixir of youth?

The elixir of youth exists. These ladies are abou to celebrate their 80th birthday, but they look amazing!

Martina Šmalclová
11.Jun 2020
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Looking great at fifty is a real win. Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts or Nicole Kidman, who have already celebrated half a century on earth, yet still belong to the most famous Hollywood celebrities, could tell you all about it. But can the laws of physics be denied even in one's seventies? These celebrities have no problem with it! Who of the foreign and Czech stars refuses to grow old?

Susan Sarandon - 73 years old

We already admired her long mane and captivating eyes in the legendary Witches of Eastwick. Although the actress tamed her restless curls as she got older, she didn't lose any of her beauty and charm even at th age of 73.

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Jane Fonda
Jane FondaSource: Profimedia

Jane Fonda - 82 years old

Although Jane Fonda has already celebrated her venerable 82nd anniversary and the ravages of time left a mark on her face, the American actress was one of the celebrities who refused to grow old for a very long time. Even five years ago, you would have put her at no more than 60, and she looked great in her latest series, Grace & Frankie. Jane Fonda never tried to hide the fact that her slim figure and youthful look didn't come for free; they required countless sacrifices.

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Source: Profimedia

Sigourney Weaver - 70 years old

Sigourney Weaver is exactly the type of woman who matures like good wine. While her boyish look in the popular film Alien aroused a number of questions and debates, in recent years she was completely dazzling whenever she appeared on the red carpet, boasting a flawless look and undeniable sex appeal.

Hana Maciuchová - 74 years old

Even in our tiny country, there is an actress who looks absolutely sensational at the age of 74. Yes, we're talking about the charming Hana Maciuchová. A perfectly fitting hairstyle in a shade of brown / red, a smile on her face and an elegant style of dress are her hallmarks.

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Source: Profimedia

Emília Vašáryová - 78 years old

The charismatic Slovak actress Emília Vašáryová is an European equivalent of Jane Fonda - perhaps an even more perfect version. We simply refuse to believe that this charming lady will celebrate her 80th birthday in two years. Whatever her recipe for eternal youth is, we want it too!

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Source: Profimedia

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