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Elite Model Look 2018 has its winners and we know what the celebrities put on for the occasion.

Elite Model Look 2018: What Did the Celebrities Arrive in to the Grand Finale?

Dominika Žejdl
31.Aug 2018
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Monika Babišová

On 30. August the finale of the modelling competition, Elite Model Look 2018, was held, and of course there were also well-known personalities, who came to look at the announcement of winners. 

New hopefuls for the world of modelling were selected by the best in the field In the luxurious Spanish Hall at Prague Castle

A total of 26 finalists from the Czech and Slovak Republics competed for the titles. The competition is annually participated in by hundreds of thousands of people and that is precisely why it is therefore appropriate to talk of a great success in case of the few successful ones. In the finals, as always, a jury decided on the future world-class models, composed of the best and most experienced experts from the fashion world, but also from the field of cosmetics, culture, media or partners of the project. 

For the Czech Republic, the winners were Martina Sýkorová (15) and Martin Burian (20) and for Slovakia Jasmína Simová (14) and Jakub Janínek (18). What did famous celebrities put on for this occasion held in the luxury Spanish Hall of Prague Castle?

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Dominika Žejdl
fashion editor
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Ornella Koktová
Móda proti proudu

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Dominika Žejdl

There were luxurious outfits to be seen here, but also average stuff

The entire evening was hosted by presenter, Jakub Prachař, and the guests included well-known Czech faces, such as presenter, Lucie Borhyová, actress Hana Vagnerová, Monika Babišová or Eva Perkausová.

Given that this is Schwarzkopf Elite Model Look and everyone knows that the Schwarzkopf brand is synonymous with beautiful and healthy hair for over 120 years, some of the ladies also paid great attention to their luxurious hairstyling.

Borhyová, Bobošíková, Němcová and Perkausová were not afraid of colours

The fact that the majority of personalities wear black for evening parties, is a well-known fact. That is why it is a great surprise when there is a splash of colour. This was the case of Lucie Borhyová, who put on a beautiful and elegant red dress, accentuating her feminine curves. Jana Bobošíková chose a loose gown in deep pink hue and also presenter Eva Perkausová, who coordinated her elegant dress with her beautiful blue eyes.

Among all the women wearing some colour, it was perhaps Pavlína Němcová, who really glowed in a dress copying her silhouette with subtle dots and a cute bow around the waist. 

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

Vondráčková, Prachařová, Babišová and Pazderková placed their bet on classic black

Black is good. We agree with that. Singer Helena Vondráčková looks fantastic for her age and in her gown with silver decorations she looked definitely stunning. Same goes for Monika Babišová who put on a beautiful dress with a décolletage. We must say that we were surprised by the interesting visage of Iva Pazderková, who also put on a black dress, but with her ginger curled hair she attracted attention of all.

Agáta Prachařová on the other hand disappointed us a little by her model; the transparent sparkly dress did not quite suit her.

White was worn only by Hana Vagnerová

Actress Hana Vagnerová rarely appears at social occasions, especially now, when she is trying to break through over the big pond. But she came this time round to see the competition and one definitely noticed her. The white dress with exposed shoulders and beautiful hair suited her very well indeed. 

Dominika Žejdl

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

This year's Elite Model Look 2018 again took place at one of our most majestic venues; at Prague Castle. But that is customary here in Bohemia, that events of a "more international" import cause panic and indecision in respect of half of the guests about what to put on. In today's Fashion against the Current this unwritten rule affected a number of guests…

Hana Vagnerová:

Since I did not want to be the cruellest judge right at the start, I shall deliberately start precisely with Hanka. Her model was simply perfect, as one of the few. The snow-white minimalist gown by Vivienne Westwood was just perfect for the occasion. It was accessorised by carmine-red square handbag and perfect hairstyling. That is what it should look like!

Dress: 98 % Make-up and hair: 100 %

Lucie Borhyová:

One of the most popular presenters for two decades arrived at the event in absolutely great mood, as is the norm in her case. The salmon-coloured dress, off one shoulder fitted her perfectly, the silver clutch bag matched her jewellery, hairstyle alá Saskia Burešová was also first-class...only those high heels! To me, they did not go, as the only thing. They look a bit unwieldy, like from some country ball. I would therefore opt for a dainty pair of strappy high heels. Otherwise - perfect balance!

Dress: 89 % Make-up and hair: 93 %

Pavlína Němcová:

One of our models with a great name also abroad came to the event like a true professional. A dotted dress of raspberry colour, together with subtle waves in her hair turned her into the temptress of the evening (in a good way). Once again, we see the square-type handbag, which became a hit of this season. To sum it up, great success!

Dress: 80 % Make-up and hair: 90 %

Helena Vondráčková:

One of our most notable pop-music legends, clearly demonstrated at Elite Model Look that she is not ready to retire yet. A perfect figure, flair and had to give her her due. I like very much how the sleeves were designed. Transparent elastic tulle perfectly obscures imperfections of mature complexion, knowhow shared also by actress Jane Fonda. This simply is “to have style and sexappeal even after seventy”. Bravo!

Dress: 78 % Make-up and hair: 90 %

Monika Babišová:

The wife of Andrej Babiš arrived at the event in an unusual colour. Olive-grey dress from Alize boutique was accessorised by a mint-coloured clutch bag and a pair of heels by Jimmy Choo. The overall boring dress was fortunately saved by her make-up and a princess-style updo. Paradoxically, this put the total impression to a completely different place altogether. So, to finish up, good.

Dress: 60 % Make-up and hair: 80 %

Iva Pazderková:

Funeral fairy from dark caves? Iva arrived at this event essentially wearing a model, about which there is not much to criticise, because this black dress is simply representative of mediocrity that will not put out anyone. Once again, we see the trendy angular purse...but that make-up! I am not surprised that to this event she was accompanied by her celebrity hairdresser, Michal Zapomněl. Because a person with this make-up and hairstyle perhaps could not have walked alongside her potential fiancé. If Iva took a shortcut on her way home through the Petřín orchards, it would be quite possible that we would read stories about a new phantom that began to haunt the place.

Dress: 50 % Make-up and hair: -1000 %

Agáta Prachařová:

The wife of the presenter of the evening, Agáta, arrived at the Elite Model Look in a dress of dubious quality. I did a little investigation and discovered that she borrowed it from fashion designer Michal Marek. Currently sold at a discount at -50% for CZK 8,900. And from what I understand, the dress is probably from some old collection. Not only it did not flatter Agáta, but it revealed her flesh-coloured lingerie and that was not nice, let alone sexy. But what could you expect from 100% polyester...

Dress: 10 % Make-up and hair: 30 %

Ornella Koktová
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