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The Roberto Cavalli Fashion House inspires millions of people around the world with its unique collections. Its style, however, can directly alter your households via luxury home furnishings and furniture.

Elegance, Style and Luxury: Roberto Cavalli Home

Eva Ledecká
29.Aug 2017
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Interior JC Passion

The unique style of Roberto Cavalli brings sophistication, elegance and a distinctive aspect to the interiors. The JC Passion brand was established in 2006 and it represents a range of luxury furniture that reflects the needs and the trends of recent years.

Interior JC Passion
Interior JC Passion
Interior JC Passion

However, in interiors that are inspired by the Roberto Cavalli Fashion House do not look for the minimalism and the simplicity of these modern times. Unique luxury furniture and interior accessories have returned to distinctive decorative sensitivity and, based on successful experiments that have led to an understanding of the emerging trends, they have created a “post-decorative” style.

The main objective: the harmonisation of the present and the history

The main purpose of the entire product line is the harmonising of modern shapes with finishing adjustments that refer to the classic decorative elements, which are then re-interpreted into new, original combinations. Thanks to this, JC Passion’s luxury interior provides an impression of the fine harmony between the mood of contemporary life, which, however, still maintains a strong connection with the decorations of the past. An eye-catching mix will appear in front of your eyes, which will amaze both lovers of past times and those who are interested in modern design.

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

Like in a fabulous house from the First Republic

In our environment, we could place this style as belonging in the period of the First Republic, in the house of a wealthy elegant man of the Oldřich Nový type. The luxurious furniture is underlined by such colours as dark green, grey, blue and black. The exclusivity of the materials is evident at first glance. This is not an eccentric style, rather decent and conservative with interesting details. Nevertheless, the effect of the present is obvious, thereby making the JC Passion furniture line really unique.

JC Passion places great emphasis on the sophistication of its products, which are dominated by luxury seats, pillows, bedspreads: whereby relaxation there is raised to an even more luxurious level.

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