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I choose the best for women's beauty

An editor on the hunt for gifts: She'll advise you how to do it!

Dominika Žejdl
14.Dec 2018
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Christmas is slowly approaching and I'm already panicking because I‘m still missing about fifty percent of the gifts! Among these are gifts for my best friends and mom.

For a long time, I wondered what shop I'd go to, and finally I decided for the luxurious Lancôme Beauty Institute in Prague 1, Jungmann Square. I've been walking past it for quite some time, but I never got the courage to go in. You know, shop assistants are often unpleasant and sometimes arrogant, and no one is in the mood for that. It‘s worth a try, I thought to myself when I looked at the luxuriously packaged products from outside. So I gathered the courage and went in.

My enthusiasm for the luxury boutique only deepened...

During this time, the boutique breathes a pleasant Christmas atmosphere, which I appreciated today after a busy day of work. I felt comfortable and relaxed.

I was immediately taken under the wing of a blond sales assistant who surprised me by how kind and willing she was to help me with the selection of gifts.

Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m
Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m, Praha 8

For a while we talked about what the Beauty Institute actually represents. It combines beauty, luxury and relaxation. And that's something that every woman is looking for. In addition, it is the only Lancôme boutique in Europe. You can find everything from perfumes to cosmetic and cosmetic treatments here.

Although I would like to continue talking about how special the boutique is, I unfortunately do not have much time because I'm on my was to a Christmas party. So we move on to the Christmas packages and start choosing.

Who will you make happy today?

Directly across from the entrance were perfectly packed Christmas packages with luxurious decorative and nourishing cosmetics on pedestals with the sign: "Who will you make happy today?". It immediately brought a smile to my face. That's why I came! To make someone happy.

Of course, I need something different for each of the women I came to buy gifts for. My mother does not like bright shades, while my friends absolutely love them. I was lucky. Throughout the store there were beautiful Christmas sets bringing together several luxury products. All I had to do was decide which ones to take away.

Something a little more subtle for my mother

While my mother works in a leading position as a company executive, she does not wear heavy makeup. She prefers a natural look. What I know is that good mascara and makeup remover is important to her. My choice of the gift set was clear.

I chose a luxury package with the best selling Lancôme Hypnôse mascara, a Mini Crayon Khol black pencil and Mini Bi-Facil's two-phase makeup remover. I know I will definitely delight her. The sales assistant also showed me a skin care set with the luxurious Advanced Génifique, which is regenerating, moisturizing and suitable for every skin type. Finally, I decide to take it as well, because Mom really deserves only the best.

I choose some more daring gifts for my friends

For my friends I opt for a different approach! We are young, wild and we can still afford to experiment and wear brighter shades. So I choose the same luxury package of decorative cosmetics, just in another design.

The package includes the popular mascara Lancôme Hypnôse or Monsieur Big, Mini Crayon Khol and Mini L'Absolu Rouge red lipstick or Matte Shaker, a bright pink, liquid lipstick. So I take one for each of them and I'm happy to have it!

Package prices were around 850 CZK, which is the normal price just for mascara. This is a luxury available to everyone!

But at the Lancôme Beauty Institute they offer much more than just luxury cosmetics. You can also choose a skincare treatment, a Fusion Massage that includes the best massage techniques, or makeup tutorials to show you how to care for your skin and what the latest trends in makeup are. I think that's absolutely amazing.

Although I came to get gifts for someone else, I could not resist!

I had a little extra time and given that I needed good makeup (without thatt and good morning coffee I cannot exist), I tried it and let them do my makeup. I chose the light concealing Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation (shade 1) that can be layered and therefore its intensity on the face can be beautifully controlled.

La vie est belle and the beautiful Julia Roberts

While I'm here, I might as well try the scent La vie est belle. I know it very well, not only because of the wonderful and smiling Julia Roberts from the advertising campaign, but because I have it at home, only in another version, L'Éclat. The perfume is fresh and amazing, it's just a shame that I do not have a beautiful smile like Julia after applying it. Or what do you think?

I would continue shopping, but it's time to go...

I leave the luxurious Lancôme Beauty Institute not only with a beautiful visage, for which I owe the graceful sales assistant, but also with perfect gifts that will surely bring a smile to their recipients‘ faces under the tree. It's just a shame I do not have more time...So many beautiful products are smiling at me from the shop window that I would surely not be able to resist. Maybe next time.

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