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In other words guests expect fewer plastic bottles and straws and more bamboo dishware. Elimination of disposable plastic is essentially a new definition of luxury. Do you agree with this opinion?

Edition Hotels: “Stay Plastic Free” as a new definition of luxury?

Mgr. Jana Höger
14.Sep 2018
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“Stay Plastic Free”: a campaign that will affect the entire hotel world?

The deluxe EDITION Hotels Company has joined the “Stay Plastic Free” campaign, the goal of which is to stop using disposable plastic by the end of 2019, with its own initiative. This campaign, which will undoubtedly affect hoteliers worldwide, is headed by a chairman, the vice-president of Edition, Ben Pundole.

“Until recently this type of initiative did not affect the world of luxury hotels. But things are different now and this is just the beginning,” Pundole said. “The public itself has assumed a conscious approach and taken other positive steps,” Ben Pundole added.

Edition Hotels is the result of collaboration by Schrager and Marriot, and also means a great obligation.

Ian Schrager, an American businessman, hotelier and developer, and his Schrager Company have joined forces in a partnership with Marriot International and created a company called EDITION Hotels, a deluxe brand of hotels in London, Miami and New York. They have pledged to remove disposable plastic and become leaders of the “plastic-free world”.

Prodej luxusní vily, Praha-východ - 420m
Prodej luxusní vily, Praha-východ - 420m, Okolí Prahy

Future plans. The proof is in the numbers.

Hotels play a great role in worldwide consumption of disposable plastic. The London Edition Hotel, which used 217,000 plastic bottles and 500,000 plastic straws in 2017, serves as an example. If the used straws were lined up in a row, this row would be nearly 101 kilometres long. To give you an idea, this is the distance between London and Brighton or ten times around Central Park in New York. In order to eliminate this problem the chain is making a number of small changes in relation to disposal of plastic in the hope that other the hotels of this brand will follow in its footstep. All 7 of the planned EDITION projects will be launched without plastic. These changes include installation of a drinking fountain, replacement of plastic bottles with cans, removal of all plastic from the minibars, removal of all plastic straws and toothbrushes made from bamboo for example.

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