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The East India Company was founded by English traders four hundred years ago on the basis of a royal charter issued by Queen Elisabeth I. The company primarily engaged in business with luxury silk, cotton, tea, spices and the dye indigo.

The East India Company: a company which influenced the world

Eva Ledecká
30.Jan 2017
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Drinking tea has been associated with a strong tradition of the British Kingdom since time immemorial. The British “Afternoon Tea” is famous the world over. Let’s take a look back over the history of one of the first joint-stock companies in the world which has existed since the year 1600.

The company’s influence in shaping the world

The company influenced British dinner tables via the exotic ingredients it offered. This led to a change in habits, tastes and way of thinking. New communities were created, new places of business, new towns and even new trade routes.

The employees of the East India Company were traders who circumnavigated the globe, established trade relations, discovered and brought back luxurious new goods which slowly but surely broke down global barriers.

At that time and thanks to this company, rules of business which we use to this very day were determined. The company became the most powerful economic entity the world had ever known. In its heyday, the company was responsible for 50 % of global trade and employed 25 % of the British population. It even had its own currency and was responsible for importing tea from India and China. Among other things, it introduced the Western World to many types of spices, various luxury textiles, silk and porcelain.

Without this company, the world would not be the way it is today.

Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy

The East India Company: the present

The East India Company was dissolved in 1874 but its trading name was not. This was purchased by private investors one hundred years later. It has been the property of the Indian-born British businessman Sajiv Mehta since 2010.

The company currently specialises in business with luxury coffee and tea and offers 140 types of tea of the very highest quality. You can choose your tea according to the place the tea leaves come from. The same goes for coffee which comes from all corners of the world. Apart from coffee, tea and other luxury foodstuffs, the company also offers all of the necessary accessories, tea services, ceramics and silver. You should certainly not allow the luxury coins offered by the company to pass you by unnoticed. They are precise copies of the originals which are 400 years old.

You will for example find a luxury boutique at Heathrow Airport in London or in Harrods department store in London.


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The East India Company
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