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This news stirred the blood in our veins!

Early Bird: Voráček isn't doing well in the NHL. Tesla is looking for a design manager. Rents in Prague are increasing

Kateřina Ostrejšová
12.Jan 2021
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Jakub Voráček na ledě.

Jakub Voráček hasn't been doing too well in Philadelphia last year. It's possible that his time on the ice will be cut short. Tesla wants to open a new studio in Shanghai or Beijing, and is looking for a design manager for China. Rents in Prague will increase, but the changes won't apply to groups disadvantaged by the pandemic. We wish you a pleasant waking up with the Early Bird!

Beer gardens in front of the establishment free of charge

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Prázdná venkovní e
Prázdná venkovní e

Prague will extend the possibility for entrepreneurs to have beer gardens in front of their establishment completely free of charge, until the end of March this year. This decision is in line with the city's continuous efforts to support entrepreneurs during the coronavirus crisis. Restaurateurs haven't had to pay for beer gardens since April last year, and the use of public spaces in the case of selling outside has been free of charge as well.

Last year, the capital strove to support entrepreneurs in various ways, for example by announcing the COVID Prague program, supporting the cultural industry and reducing or postponing rents in buildings owned by the city.

"By forgiving the rent for the beer gardens, the capital saved Prague entrepreneurs more than a hundred million crowns last year alone. Supporting Prague's economy during the coronavirus crisis is one of our main priorities this year as well,"

says the deputy mayor of the Capital City of Prague for Finance and Budget Pavel Vyhnánek.

Rents will increase in Prague

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Historické centrum města Prahy.
Historické centrum města Prahy.Source:

The rent level for existing tenants of flats in Prague will change, Prague councilors have decided. The city keeps in mind groups of poeple endangered by the pandemic, who will remain unaffected for the time being. The new rent level for other tenants will still be very advantageous - about half of the market rent. Monday's decision will unify the rent level for existing tenants with newly concluded contracts, namely CZK 164/m² for the center of Prague and CZK 132/m² for the rest of Prague, including a system of discounts for low-income households. The rent adjustment will not apply to the most vulnerable groups of tenants, which are people with disabilities in special-purpose housing, seniors and low-income tenants.

"In general, it is important to realize that the rent level for municipal flats has not changed in more than 17 years. In 2003, the rent for municipal flats was set at CZK 56-73/m², which is unsustainable now,"

states Adam Zábranský, Councilor for Housing. The rents will be adjusted upon the extension of leases, which takes place every two years.

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

Tesla is looking for a design manager

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Ředitel společnosti Tesla - Elon Musk.
Ředitel společnosti Tesla - Elon Musk. Source:

Tesla is looking for a new design director in China. It is part of the company's effort to open a studio in Shanghai or Beijing and design electric cars tailored to the tastes of Chinese consumers. The carmakers' human resources managers, as well as several headhunters, have been tracking the industry for the past four months. They are looking for candidates with 20 or more years of experience who are familiar with Chinese taste and can bridge the gap between China and the United States.

China is the world's largest car market and the largest market for fully electric vehicles, with sales of around 1.5 million vehicles this year. That makes it Tesla's second largest market after the US.

The carmaker's plans for the design studio are not fully developed, and sources believe Tesla is likely to wait for clearer information about the tense US-Chinese relations under the new US president before making a final decision about the step they were going to take and all its details.

Voráček's issues with the new coach

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Jakub Voráček na ledě.
Jakub Voráček na ledě. Source: Barbora Reichová / CNC / Profimedia

Jakub Voráček hasn't been doing too well in Philadelphia in the last year and a half. If the Czech hockey player doesn't give it his best this season, it's possible that his time on the ice will be shortened. When Alain Vigneault became the coach in 2019, Voráček managed to collect 16 points in ten matches and was one of the most productive male playes in the league. No surprise that Vigneault was attracted by that! But their cooperation didn't go according to plan. Voráček scored only four times in the first eight matches.

"It took him a while to get going. When he found his stride, our team started to find its stride a little bit. I'm hoping that, right off the hop, he'll be where he needs to be,"

Alain Vigneault commented on the last season. Voráček finally made up for the previous year's deficit, taking 56 points out of 69 matches. Thanks to that, he managed to maintain his standard even though he hadn't pulled off his best performances. He entered the Playoffs in big style, but in the second round he seemed to have disappeared.

"I think there are a lot of young players pushing him. He's going to have to earn that ice time that he's been able to get the last few years,"

the Philadelphia coach added.

The vaccination production goal is 2 billion doses

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BioNTech increased their Covid-19 vaccination production goal to 2 billion doses by 2021 from the previous 1.3 billion. The company is adding new production lines, and the contents of one bottle also play a significant role. It has been discovered that special syringes allow for six doses of vaccine to be extracted from a standard vial, instead of the usual five, to avoid wasting any unused liquid left in the syringe.

The new production plant in Marburg, Germany, acquired from Novartis in September, will increase the annual capacity by up to 750 million batches once it is operational. It should be placed in service by the end of February, according to BioNTech. The German company mentioned in its presentation that 32.9 million vaccines have been sent out since Sunday.

That's all from us for now. Have a nice Tuesday and forget about all your failures. William Shakespeare also kept in mind that:

"Wise men ne'er sit and wail their loss but cheerily seek how to redress their harms."

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