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This news got us all excited!

Early Bird: Turning Point for the Oscars. Ronaldo scores his 100th goal. Tesla experiences a Black Tuesday

Linda Veselá
09.Sep 2020
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We wish you a beautiful Wednesday! What news did our morning birds lose sleep over today? Come and have a look at our selection of today's news.

New Kurzarbeit rules in the Czech Republic?

The Czech government will agree on a proposal for new Kurzarbeit rules – limited work with a part of the wages paid by the state for unworked time.

The measure could help with soaring unemployment, natural disasters or epidemics. To avoid layoffs, the Labor Office could start paying partial employment assistance if the economy is at serious risk.

Coronavirus vaccine at risk

The US firm AstraZeneca has suspended testing of the coronavirus vaccine worldwide. The cause was unexplained complications that affected one of the participants from the UK. However, in the case of drug research, this is a common preventive measure.

For now, the drug giant's vaccine is considered one of the most promising – at least in the US, it is one of three coronavirus vaccines that are in more advanced stages of development.

"In large tests, illness can occur accidentally, but it must be independently and carefully investigated. We are working to develop an assessment of this isolated event to minimise any potential impact on the timetable of the tests.“

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Muž si z práce odnáší krabici s věcmi
Muž si z práce odnáší krabici s věcmiSource:

Ronaldo shoots his hundredth goal

Portuguese footballers beat the Swedes in the Nations League at 2-0. Both goals were scored by football legend Cristiano Ronaldo. In addition, he was the first European to score one hundred of representative goals. He has only eight goals to match Iranian Ali Daei's record.

Dark day for Tesla

Technology giant Tesla experienced its darkest Tuesday since the start of the year. Shares of the US electric car maker fell by a fifth.

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Válečné lodě se plaví po moři
Válečné lodě se plaví po mořiSource:

On Friday, Tesla shockingly fell short of the Standard & Poor's 500 stock index, which surprised analysts. The slump was then worsened to the announcement that US carmaker General Motors has agreed on a strategic partnership with the company Nikola, which produces electric trucks.

Luxusní kancelář na pronájem v Pařížské ulici
Luxusní kancelář na pronájem v Pařížské ulici, Praha 1

Minorities in front of and behind the camera

What will the film have to accomplish in order to fight for a prize in the main category at the Oscars in the future? From 2024, it will be the representation of minorities in front of and behind the camera. Proportionally represented will have to be people of different skin colour, women, people with disabilities or members of the LGBTQ community. The measure will affect the entire production process: it will include both actors and production employees, marketing and interns. Thus, the film academy responds to criticism that it does not sufficiently support the creators of different skin colours.

Academy chairman David Rubin and CEO Dawn Hudson commented in a joint statement:

"We believe that these standards for inclusion will be a catalyst for long-term, fundamental change in our industry.“

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Vůz Tesla
Vůz TeslaSource:

Long lost ship found off the Norwegian shores

Even though the German cruiser that conquered Norway during World War II found its place in history books, no one knew exactly where it was located. Until now!

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Vědec drží vakcínu proti koronaviru
Vědec drží vakcínu proti koronaviruSource:

Divers have managed to find it near the Norwegian shores more than 450 metres below the surface, where it remained since it was sunk by a torpedo 80 years ago. The vessel, which measures 175 metres and is still adorned with Nazi swastikas, struck the Norwegian city of Kristiansand in April 1940.

End of endless reality show

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Soška Oscara spolu s popcornem
Soška Oscara spolu s popcornemSource:

More than a decade and hundreds of episodes. Even though some of us thought that the popular American reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians will be broadcast forever, we have sad news for the fans – it won’t. Next year, the series charting the privacy of the Kardashian clan ends after 20 seasons.

The news was announced by Kim Kardashian West on her Instagram. It comes after months of low ratings for the series and the departure of one of the sisters, Kourtney Kardashian.

And that's all we got for today! We wish you a relaxing day. Why not make it more pleasant with a nice book? As the Russian poet Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin said:

"Reading is the best way to learn. Watching the thoughts of a great man - this is the most interesting science.“

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