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Early Bird: The Trumps got vaccinated. Respirators are selling out fast in the Czech Republic. Tiger Woods sent a message

Lukáš Bilinec
02.Mar 2021
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Donald Trump a Melania Trump v lednu 2021 na letišti

The couple Donald and Melania Trump got their COVID-19 shots on the quiet. Completely off the grid, a new Boeing drone was built in Australia, and it has already passed a successful demonstration test. And did you know which technology giant is planning folding smartphones?

Donald Trump and his wife have been vaccinated

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Bývalý americký prezidentský pár - Melania a Donald Trumpovi
Bývalý americký prezidentský pár - Melania a Donald TrumpoviSource:

Former President Donald Trump and former First Lady Melania Trump received the COVID-19 vaccine at the White House in January, Trump's adviser told CNN. There is no information regarding which of the vaccines it was and whether it was administered in one or more doses. The public found out this news after the 45th US president called on those present during his speech at Sunday's conference of conservative politicians in Orlando, Florida, to get vaccinated.

Luxusní vila na prodej v okolí Prahy - 320m
Luxusní vila na prodej v okolí Prahy - 320m,

"It's really painless, get vaccinated,"

said Trump, who had suffered from COVID-19 himself in the fall, only a few weeks before the presidential election, in which he lost to his opponent Joe Biden. This is a major turning point for the former US president, as opposed to his downplaying the coronavirus pandemic during his time as President. Donald Trump has long been against wearing face masks. He retroactively excused his downplaying of COVID-19 as an attempt not to cause panic among the people of America.

The FFP2 respirators are a rare commodity in the Czech Republic

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Respirátor FFP2
Respirátor FFP2Source:

Although it had seemed for a long time that respirators wouldn't come into play during the coronavirus epidemic, and we'd ride it out in face masks "only", the deteriorating epidemic situation eventually forced the government to make changes. For two weeks now, Czechs have been storming e-shops, pharmacies and supermarkets that offer FFP2 respirators every day. However, the list of places where it's not possible anymore is growing longer - respirators are sold. Retailers are doing their very best to replenish their stock.

"Last week, one and half million FFP2 respirators were sold in our e-shop and in our 470 public pharmacies,"

said Michal Petrov, spokesman of the Dr. Max pharmacy. Wearing FFP2 respirators in public transport, shops or workplaces will be mandatory for at least another three weeks, for which the recently announced stricter safety measures currently apply. In addition, from today, almost 4,000 soldiers and 270 customs officers will oversee compliance with the ban on movement between districts. They will join more than 25,000 police officers who have already been overseeing compliance with the stricter measures since the new restrictions came into force yesterday.

The Boeing fighter-interceptor drone has been finished

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Bezpilotní letoun Loyal Wingman
Bezpilotní letoun Loyal WingmanSource:

Today, Boeing Co and the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) announced that they had successfully completed the first test flight of an unmanned fighter-interceptor designed to operate in conjunction with manned aircraft. The news came about three years after the start of the development of this machine. Named Loyal Wingman, it is the first military aircraft in more than 50 years to be designed and built in Australia. The test flight took place under the supervision of a Boeing pilot who was watching the machine from a ground control station in South Australia. The local government has invested more than 31 million US dollars (approximately 675 million Czech crowns) in the development of the product. The aircraft is about 11 and a half meters long and has a range of almost 4,000 kilometres. It can carry weapons or act as a shield to help protect manned fighter-interceptors.

Tiger Woods spoke for the first time after the accident

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Tiger Woods na hřišti ve své signifikantní červené barvě
Tiger Woods na hřišti ve své signifikantní červené barvěSource:

All the saints stood by golf legend Tiger Woods, who survived a horror-looking car accident. Woods, who was alone in the car at the time of the accident, escaped with serious injuries and has now thanked his colleagues - golfers from the PGA Tour - on Twitter. On Sunday, they expressed their support for him at a distance during the WGC - Workday Championship, where many of them played in the iconic clothing of the legendary golfer. They put on a red shirt and black pants, a colour combination that characterized Tiger Woods on golf courses. In it, he achieved many of his greatest career successes. Woods wrote that the gesture from his colleagues was very touching and thanked not only them but also his fans, who have been helping him overcome this difficult period. Available information suggests that the 48-year-old California native is recovering well after a series of difficult surgeries.

Apple is toying with the idea of ​​a folding phone

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Produkty od firmy Apple
Produkty od firmy AppleSource:

Rumours of a folding iPhone have been around for quite a while, but now they're gaining ground. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a very good reputation, commented on this topic, and the vast majority of his technological information has been confirmed in the past. Kuo claims that in 2023, Apple could introduce a folding phone, whose screen should be about 7.5 to 8 inches (18-20 centimetres). Work on the development has reportedly not yet begun, but Apple intends to start discussions on this topic. According to Ming-Chi Kua's reports, the American company will set out on the path of creating a product that looks like a regular smartphone at first glance, but it will be possible to expand it to a larger size. The Samsung Galaxy Fold also operates on a similar principle. It's not yet clear which company Apple could cooperate with when creating the new phone. However, there is some information that they might contact LG for this project.

Sadly, no more news could fit in today's Early Bird. As usual, we have wise words for you to think about today. This time from the Chinese philosopher Confucius, who spoke them 500 years before Christ:

"He who asks a question may be a fool for five minutes; he who asks no questions stays a fool forever."

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