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This news stirred the blood in our veins!

Early Bird: Restaurants are opening in protest. Omar Sy conquers Netflix. Tesla sues its employees

Sabina Štaubertová
23.Jan 2021
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Francouzský herec Omar Sy

It looks like people are finally done with following government measures. Desperate restaurateurs will open their premises in protest today. It's not a good idea to incite an uprising, even if you happen to be the President of the United States. An incredible story of a dog who is a faithful friend in sickness and in health. And do you have any idea which French series has conquered the American Netflix? Today's Early Bird will tell you all this and more!

Protests against government measures

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Číšník v kavárně s maskou
Číšník v kavárně s maskouSource:

Government measures to combat the coronavirus epidemic have persisted since last spring. In addition to restrictions on the gathering of people in public spaces or the closure of schools, restrictions also apply to restaurant owners who operate in limited traffic. And it is because of the closure of the restaurants that the Chcípl PES (the DOG is Dead) initiative was launched as a call to action of entrepreneurs in the field of gastronomy. It aims to point out the pointlessness of government measures. In addition to the mass protests that took place in the Old Town Square during January, the initiators are opening their establishments today. According to Jakub Olbert, the owner of the Prague restaurant Šeberák, the aim of the protest is not to earn money, but to survive. Restaurants from Prague, Teplice, Ústí nad Labem, Brno, Kladno or Jihlava announced their participation in today's event.

"It's not just about our business anymore, it's about survival,"

the initiators of the organization Chcípl PES, D. Biksadský, J. Janeček and J. Olbert claim on their website.

Donald Trump's impeachment is set to begin next month

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Americký prezident Donald Trump v jeho kampani v Miami
Americký prezident Donald Trump v jeho kampani v MiamiSource:

Next month, the United States Senate will continue the process of indicting former President Donald Trump on charges of inciting an insurgency. Donald Trump is the first president in history to face charges twice during his tenure. Following the events in the Capitol, which took place on January 6, 2021, Democrats have accused the former president of inciting rebellion and violence, which resulted in the death of five people. Trump's second trial begins almost exactly one year after the Senate acquitted him of allegations of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Tesla sues a former employee for stealing software code

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Tesla nabíjecí stanice
Tesla nabíjecí staniceSource:

Tesla, Inc. sues former employee and software engineer Alex Khatilov for stealing a trade secret and breaking the contract. In the complaint, the company accuses Khatilov of stealing a code and multiple files from a software system that Tesla, Inc. has developed for the automation of a number of business processes in the manufacture and sale of its cars. At the same time, the company states that the former employee started uploading the files and scripts to his Dropbox account almost immediately after joining Tesla, Inc., and confronted him with the alleged theft. Khatilov told the New York Post that the software files ended up in his Dropbox by mistake and that he had no idea Tesla, Inc. was suing him until he read about the problem in the papers. This is not the first time Tesla, Inc. accused former employees of theft.

Luxusní vila na prodej v okolí Prahy - 320m
Luxusní vila na prodej v okolí Prahy - 320m,

A dog waited for its owner six days in front ot the hospital

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Pes čeká na svého pána
Pes čeká na svého pánaSource:

It's not a cliché that a dog is man's best friend; these four-legged creatures constantly prove the saying to be true. One such story unfolded in a hospital in northeastern Turkey. When patient Cemal Senturk was taken by ambulance to the Medical Park Hospital in Trabzon, his faithful dog Boncuk got out of the house and followed his sick owner to the hospital, where he looked for him impatiently every day.

"His dog Boncuk followed him to the hospital gate and refused to leave for six days until the patient was released,"

Murat Ercan, director of the International Patient Center, said in a statement. The hospital staff informed Senturk's family about the whereabouts of his pet. They took him home, but the dog kept running away to the hospital to see his master.

Lupine is number one on Netflix

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Francouzský herec Omar Sy
Francouzský herec Omar SySource:

The classic French story of a gentleman thief and a master of disguises named Arsène Lupine (Omar Sy) jumped to the top of the ranking of the most popular series on the platform Netflix just a few weeks after its launch. It's the first French series to make it to the list of the 10 best series on American Netflix. With its streams in 70 million households, the series even surpasses the popular The Queen's Gambit (62 million streams) or Bridgerton (63 million streams).

That's all we have for you today. However you decide to spend the day, we wish you a relaxing Saturday, and as the famous poet William Shakespeare said:

"Pleasure and action make the hours seem short."

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